Single Mom’s Who Celebrate Father’s Day

Recently there's been a fiery discussion on social media about single moms who celebrate Father's Day. In other words, in addition to being celebrated by their children on Mother's Day they also are celebrated for Father's Day because they have had to do all the roles of the missing father. As is the case for most discussions on Facebook a vocal few think it's horrible

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Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!

Mother's Day is just around the corner so I thought it would helpful to all you people with moms if I gave a quick rundown of what not to get her for that day in honor of her. I'm not talking about macaroni necklaces or hand made cards, those are cherished gifts which moms always love. If you are giving her those things you aren't

Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts EVER!!2014-05-07T09:44:31-05:00

Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Too Hard on the Wallet

You wouldn't buy your mom a kitchen appliance for Mother's Day, right? So don't give your dad a mundane gift for Father's Day this year. Anyone who’s ever seen the movie ‘A Christmas Story” remembers the look of mock joy on the father’s face when he opens a gift to find a tub of car wax. “A can of Simoniz,” he says, flashing a frozen

Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Too Hard on the Wallet2013-06-06T10:03:40-05:00

Father’s Day Flowers

Father's Day is just around the corner and I bet he doesn't want another tie or t-shirt that says #1 Dad. Okay, he might want another shirt and would probably even wear it with considerable pride but have you ever considered getting your dad some flowers? I can speak from experience, there are some dads out there would really appreciate a nice orchid rather than

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Top Five Best Father’s Day Gifts…Ever.

Image via Wikipedia Last month I wrote a post about the worst Mother's Day gifts ever. I thought it only fair that I do the same thing with Father's Day but after talking to a few dads I realized I couldn't come up with five bad Father's Day gifts. It would seem that dads are happy with just about any gift you give them. They

Top Five Best Father’s Day Gifts…Ever.2010-06-16T08:46:31-05:00

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