Should Whoopi Have Been Suspended?

Whoopi has been suspended for two weeks. This past Monday the women on The View were discussing the Tennessee school district's decision to pull the graphic novel Maus from the 8th grade curriculum. The school board objected to eight curse words and nude imagery of a woman. The women of The View had to weigh in on this book banning (spoiler - it is not banned)

Should Whoopi Have Been Suspended?2022-02-02T16:28:42-06:00

Why I Don’t Unfriend You

I've about had it with social media. I spend more time scrolling on by - and not engaging - than ever before. This is not the first time I've ranted about unfriending people, and it probably won't be the last. I find myself only engaging on safe posts now. I will like pictures of your new puppy (I'll actually use the ♥ for new puppies),

Why I Don’t Unfriend You2022-01-09T18:51:28-06:00

No, it’s Not ‘A Culture of Consequences’, it’s Mob Rule – Mean Girls Style

Cancel culture has gone too far. I've had enough, I cannot sit idly by anymore and bite my tongue. This has got to stop. Woke culture, the woke mob, have gone too far. What was the proverbial straw? Now they want to cancel Grease. My beloved Grease - a movie I saw 26 times the summer it was released - sometimes two or three times

No, it’s Not ‘A Culture of Consequences’, it’s Mob Rule – Mean Girls Style2021-02-27T07:57:52-06:00

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