Less than two weeks ago I actually said (back when we had nothing but grass and temperatures above freezing) that I though we might have a mild winter.

It’s my fault, I jinxed it, I take full responsibility.

About a week after I made that stupid prediction it’s been snowing ever since and the temperature has barely crawled above 0.


Thankfully I have a snowblower (that doesn’t work) in one of the storage sheds out back. It hasn’t worked in years but ex#2 tells me it’s an easy fix and all he has to do is clean the spark plugs or maybe the carburetor. I’m not really sure because I stop listening after a while. I know better. He gets all excited to do manly things around the house. He even Googles how to do it and might watch a few videos over and over. I get excited because I believe the task can easily be completed with a little WD-40 and possibly some duct tape – that’s how simple he makes it sound.

And then he ventures outside into BELOW ZERO wind chills and suddenly the job isn’t so easy.

It’s still easy, it’s just a lot harder to work on it in the colder than anyone should have to endure temps. Suddenly there is more Googling going on but now it’s for someone who repairs small motors. Thankfully we have one of those nearby.

Now if I could just get him to take it to the shop. Maybe next spring?



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