Smokey the HamsterYou might recall the bunny fiasco a while back. Fiasco probably isn’t the right word because Jack was cute and really sweet but he pooped a lot. So much that I couldn’t keep up with the poop. I also had a really had time leaving him in the cage all day. It just didn’t seem right for one animal to be locked in a cage while the other two roamed free. Of course the other two didn’t eject poop like a slot machine (every pull is a winner!). So, we found a new home for the bunny. It was heartbreaking to say the least.

Every day there were tears about how much a certain someone in the household missed Jack and how we really, really needed to get him back. I spent a great deal of my time explaining why Jack was much happier on the farm chasing chickens and pooping freely but to no avail. We needed a new pet to stop the tears.

Along comes Smokey

Smokey is awesome. Smokey likes to be in a cage and Smokey’s poos are small and don’t go shooting out of his butt like the rabbit’s did. So without further ado I introduce you to Smokey the Hamster.