I get to love blog, or live tweet as the case may be, tonight’s back to back episodes of Rock this Boat on POPtv. I was chosen to be an influencer for the show which means swag!!!

I was supposed to start this gig last week but only found out about it at the last minute and I had already promised the daughter I’d do something with her. I can’t remember it now, however. She doesn’t have a clue who the NKOTB are because she’s only 12 but she knows her mom does a lot of silly stuff.

Truth be told I am a bit old to be a super fan of The New Kids On The Block. When they hit the scene big back in the late 80s/early 90s I was busy getting married and having a baby. My husband at the time did know who they were and in fact adopted their band name as a marketing gimmick for his real estate business. He and a bunch of other young (starving) realtors tried to upstage the seasoned veterans of the area we lived it. They all did remarkably well for themselves even with the silly co-opting of the brand (it was dropped rather quickly). That’s really all I knew of the New Kids.

Sure, I heard their songs on the radio but as a new wife and new mom I had sort of moved beyond having crushes on teen heartthrobs. Still, their songs get stuck in my head more times that most. In fact right now The Right Stuff is up there banging around and has been for about a week.

I might not be a super fan but I have a friend who is. She’s a bit younger than me and someone I never would have guessed would be such a fanatic about the New Kids, or any band for that matter. Wonders never cease, eh?

Anyway, if you’d like to follow tonights double episode of NKOTB please watch the show and follow me on Twitter.