Yes, it seems as if animals are dropping like flies this week at the Brown House. Monday we lost our beloved Reuben and yesterday we said goodbye to Nutmeg.

Nutmeg the guinea pig, how to replace your dead guinea pigFor those of you who don’t know who Nutmeg is (and you wouldn’t because she died before I could introduce you to her) she was a guinea pig we adopted this past Sunday. We aren’t really sure what happened to Nutmeg, the vet seems to think she may have had a stroke. All I know is one moment everything was fine and the next minute there was a lot of screaming followed by a search for a box, a drive to the pet store and ultimately returning with another guinea pig.

Nutmeg was a sweet little guinea pig with tan spots. She was a little shy but warmed up to my daughter who loved her with all her heart. Nutmeg loved to eat lettuce out of my daughter’s hand and sit on her lap while she watched TV.

Nutmeg made funny little guinea pig noises that reminded me of the sounds of Pac Man.

Nutmeg was not just a pet she was my daughter’s best friend. They had many moments together having fun and being together.

Nutmeg was sort of curious, I think. And she really liked to be with people, I think, not really sure since we didn’t have her that long. Nutmeg probably liked to play with toys and run around the house with the other animals but we never got a chance to introduce her to anyone else besides Smokey the hamster. Nutmeg only had one name since we didn’t have time to change our minds and her name.

Nutmeg will be dearly missed but we know she is in a much better place. A place where she can hide in her pigloo all day long and no one will grab her and scare the living crap out of her.

Yes, Nutmeg is gone and will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Nutmeg, we love you.

Oreo the guinea pigWhile I have you here let me introduce you to Starburst, I mean Oreo, the newest member of our family. Oreo is a black guinea pig who also likes to eat lettuce out of my daughter’s hand and who also gets the crap scared out of her all day long as children try to grab her and play with her. We probably should have named her George.