Once again I am thankful for this little blog because I get to see movies like Avengers: Infinity War before anyone else. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to see the latest Marvel movie, this is my review of Avengers: Infinity War.

Full disclosure, like the recent Star Wars movies I reviewed, I have not seen most of the movies that preceded this movie. Unlike the Star Wars movies, I had no idea what was going on in this movie. I was familiar with many of the characters like Spider Man, Hulk, Black Panther etc… but I didn’t have any context with regard to the story. I had no idea who Thanos was. 

Turns out, it doesn’t really matter that much if you’re looking to be entertained. 

This was an incredibly entertaining movie. It is a BIG movie. The story takes place all over the Marvel universe and that can be confusing at times.

The story in a nutshell (because I don’t want to give anything away) is that Thanos is collecting the six Infinity Stones that will provide him with pretty much all the power in the universe. Thanos needs this power so he can restore balance to the universe. In his mind, he needs to eliminate half of the inhabitants of the universe because there are not enough resources to sustain them. His is an act that is noble, and is meant to give the survivors (randomly chosen) a better life.

It’s an interesting story and one that left me with an uneasy feeling. I’ve read many books with this premise, Dan Brown’s Inferno comes to mind. We do have an overpopulation problem and coupled with global warming or climate change, there is a problem without an easy answer. One he is willing to sacrifice just about anything for.

As I said, the movie is BIG. The effects are dizzying and it felt like I was watching the movie in IMAX at times. The banter between characters was hilarious – especially Spider Man and pretty much anyone with whom he had dialog. 

Avengers: Infinity War is rated PG13, there’s little swearing, no nudity, but a ton of violence, some cringeworthy. That said, I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a child of 6 or 7 if they were into comic books and loved these characters.

The movie isn’t the least bit black and white, while there is a definite “bad guy” and “good guys” the lines get severely blurred from time to time. 

If you like Marvel comics, you’ll want to see Avengers: Infinity Wars. If you like a great story with amazing special effects and some great writing, you’ll want to see Avengers: Infinity Wars. If you just like to be entertained, you’ll want to be sure to Avengers: Infinity Wars.