If you’re from the Midwest or North Eastern parts of the country you probably know how to prepare for a snowstorm. We’ve been hearing about Snowstorm Goliath for the last week now and let’s hope it isn’t a bust because at this point most people have stocked their shelves with extra bread, milk, eggs and booze.

Thankfully it’s winter break or many of us would have the added inconvenience of entertaining the kids when school is canceled.

If snowstorm Goliath is as big as they say it will be we can expect up to 10 inches of snow by Tuesday morning. This will be the first significant snowfall this winter (and winter starts in Minnesota right after Halloween so this is a big deal).

I don’t give much thought to these huge snowstorms because I was raised in the Midwest, I work from home, school isn’t that far from the house and I keep a pretty well stocked pantry and liquor cabinet. However, if you aren’t native to the states that get a fair amount of snow each year you might be experiencing your first major winter storm and may not know how to prepare for it. So what can you do?

  1. Make sure you have a decent shovel and if possible invest in a snow blower. If you can’t find one or it’s out of your budget find a local neighbor kid who wants to make a little extra money. Shoveling snow can be dangerous for the older folks if it’s heavy. Don’t overdo it.
  2. Prepare your vehicle. If you don’t have to drive don’t but if you do make sure you have a winter survival kit in your trunk. Include a blanket, bottled water (or ice if you live in the tundra), snacks like granola bars or protein bars (something non perishable) or nuts, a flashlight, lighter or matches, flare gun etc. Stay in your car, don’t get out to search for help. It’s much easier to find a car than it is to find a person in the snow.
  3. Booze up – You don’t need to get soused but after being shut in with the kids for a day or two you might want to take the edge off just a little. If weed is legal in your part of the country blaze up!
  4. Get your game on – Dig out the board games and fire up the fondue! Keep everyone entertained with a rousing game of Monopoly or Pictionary.