thanks for hacking my website dumbass, how not to get hacked, why to hackers hack, internet security, website secuirity, Bluehost has the best customer serviceThanks mutherfucker!

That was sarcasm in case your immature brain doesn’t recognize it.

Thanks for hacking my website. It took me a few days and many desperate emails and phone calls to figure out what you did and then undo it. Thanks for stealing so much of my time that I don’t have to spare.

What happened

This dumbass got into my site using the Pilcrow theme for WordPress. I am not sure if the theme itself is hacked, was designed to open a back door or what the hell was going on but there is a mess of code in the index code which allowed someone to break into my site cause scary errors to many people who visited my site. If you are using the Pilcrow theme and get the warning HTML:IFrame-PF[Trj] you should save yourself lots of time and just find a new theme. After you delete the added code in the index. I had to call Bluehost to do this and they were fantastic, as usual. Thank you Bluehost and Carl for such wonderful customer service, you are awesome!

I don’t speak teenage-boy-who-can’t-get-laid-geek and I certainly can’t imagine how you think but I would really love to know why you did this to me. Did you even know you did this to me? What do you get out of this?

What the fuck is wrong with people?

What should have happened instead

Clearly you have some mad coding skills, what I can’t understand is why you don’t use those skills for good rather than evil. And make no mistake, it was evil that you did.

Can’t you do something more productive with your time? Damn, if I had your coding skills I would be changing the world for the better not making it worse for people like me who already have too much to do, not enough time and not enough brain power.

You could take your mad coding skills and discover the cure for cancer, or at least write a program that could do that. You could create jobs and get people back to work. You can do so much with the power you wield and yet you choose to make other’s lives more difficult.

Shame on you.

My makeover will continue but I need to find a new theme and I am busy planning a graduation party, getting ready for back to school (thirteen days and counting!) and all the other stuff that goes with my job and just running the house. Oh, and I got another bunny, so that takes time too. See, I haven’t had the time to post about any of this and some hacker thinks I have time to fix his little joke.

Shame on you again.