I don’t know if it’s just my attitude or if the stars have switched their alignment but this past week has been one of the best weeks ever. I know it is not the best week ever because that will happen when I fly off to Vegas with my BFF – who emailed me this week asking if I would ever want to do something like that.

Hell yes! My heart was into it and already packing for the trip. My wallet maybe not so much.

The daughter has been out of school  this week because she goes to a year round school and they get two weeks off after each term. It was my plan to work out the chapters of my book Minnesota Nice (please like the Facebook page for my book =>) and to finalize the cover with my graphic designer. Unfortunately I got bombarded with requests for work and spent most of the week on the phone talking to potential clients about their projects.

The extra worked I picked up paid for the trip.

That’s not even all, it gets better!

I took the daughter to the MOA twice this week. Once because we needed to walk around (it’s been raining) and another to search for her costume. Both times we got THE BEST PARKING SPOT!! The spot was right in front of the door. Like it should have been a handicapped spot but it wasn’t. We had to pick up some sandwich platters for my son’s study session with his roommate and having the awesome parking spot made that incredibly easy.

And still, it gets better!

While walking around the MOA we come across a new store that sold the awesome t-shirt you see in the picture!!!

It won’t be the best week ever because the one in Vegas will be, but it was a damn good week. I hope you had a great week too!