So last month I signed up to participate in Margaret’s (Nannygoatsinpanties) White Elephant Gift Exchange because it sounded like a great idea at the time.

I know better now.

I have not received my White Elephant Gift yet. I’m feeling a little sorry for myself about that but I really don’t have reason to because I just sent out the gift I was supposed to send weeks ago on Wednesday (Joanna, you should get it today). I have no excuse, Margaret has been sending ‘gentle’ reminders for the past month. This whole gift thing was weighing heavily on my mind but I also knew that Nicky and Cardiogirl had not sent theirs and neither had whoever was supposed to be sending my gift. I was going to send it on Tuesday but was unable to print the shipping label from USPS online because their site had a ‘glitch’ according the very helpful (not) woman who kept me on hold for 30 minutes at the post office. Since they had already taken the money out of my Paypal account I was not going to run down to the post office and pay for shipping again. I have principles that way. And it’s really cold here so if I don’t have to go outside I’m not going to. I tried to explain to the woman on the phone that Margaret was not going to be so gentle when she found out I hadn’t sent my gift yet again. The post office lady didn’t care and told me that it would be resolved in 48 hours.

And it was. Two days later, and one day after I hauled my ass down to the post office and stood in line while some dumbass paid for postage to Romania with pennies, I got an email from the post office saying that the ‘glitch’ had been fixed and I should try again. They didn’t refund the money they took from me so I still have to resolve that but at least the gift has been shipped.

I would have linked up to Margaret’s Mr. Linky but she is a stickler for rules and would not allow me to link up until I got my gift. I think I might have called Margaret a Mr Linky Nazi.

Anyway, yesterday the mailman came and left this at my door.


I was so excited that I had finally gotten my gift I could hardly contain myself.

Sadly it was not to be. The box was not from the White Elephant Gift giver but from the company that sold the little doohicky for my microwave. 00dozo had found the part number and even gave me a link to the part so I could order it. So even though it wasn’t my White Elephant Gift it was still great because I could use my microwave again. Thank you 00dozo for all your help!

As most of you know I am a Republican and don’t really get into the whole green movement and stuff that is usually reserved for Liberals. However, it would have been nice if the microwave parts company hadn’t cut down an entire forest to send me a part that could have fit into a small recycled envelope.

Packaging Fail

Not that I care all that much, we will use the box again.

In addition to the small part in the big box I got one other piece of mail. Actually it was addressed to my son but was something I had been expecting for a while. Or at least hoping would come.

Acceptance letter from U of M

I love that there is no mystery to these letters anymore. They put it out there on the front for the parents so they don’t have to break all kinds of federal laws by opening mail that is not addressed to them.

Yep, my boy was accepted to the school of engineering. This was his first choice so he doesn’t even care what the other letters say. The fact that such a good school is only a few miles away from us, because it is so much cheaper for residents, makes it my first choice too. He can even keep his room for the next four years if he wants to. While I make light of this, and especially the cost, I am extremely proud of my son.

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