I was saddened to hear yesterday that Natasha Richardson had had an accident while skiing and was reportedly injured so badly that she was in fact brain dead and would soon be removed from life support.

I had just watched The Parent Trap with my daughter this past Sunday afternoon. The remake with Natasha Richardson and Lindsey Lohan before she became a lesbian, drug addict and basic idiot. It’s a cute movie though not as charming as the original with Haley Mills. But it was cute enough to watch when there was nothing else to do.

I’ve never had much of an opinion of either Natasha Richardson or Liam Neeson. I couldn’t stand the movie Nell but didn’t blame it on them. They’re acting was fine but Jodie Foster was difficult to watch with all that grunting.

According to several sources Ms. Richardson was to be flown back to NY where she would be taken off life support after her family had said their goodbyes. TMZ reported that she was not brain dead but had swelling on the brain and was sedated. I haven’t been able to find anything out more than that which isn’t anything really. Seems to me if they were going to take her off life support they would have done it by now.

I really hope everything is okay for her. Usually I like to hear about these kinds of accidents of celebutards and such, I enjoy when things go bad for them. Not this time, I’m two years younger than Natasha Richardson and I also don’t know how to ski. I’ve considered trying to learn but after this I’m pretty sure I won’t be. I might actually start wearing a helmet around all the time. This is interesting to me since when I ride motorcycle I never wear a helmet. I figure if I am going to crash at 70 miles per hour I’d rather be dead than a veggie.

I do hope for all the best for Ms. Richardson and her family.

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