Nothing ruins a foundation application more quickly than dry, flaking skin. I’m pretty sure mine is actively trying to flee my face for a warmer climate. So why MyChelle? I had to find something for my sensitive skin that was going to work – to Ulta Beauty! Initially I was going to spring for the full size of a sample I had received a few times. But sticker shock set in when I got to the store. I don’t mind paying for a good product, but when you don’t give me much more then what was in the sample – we got issues.

So browsing around I came to the MyChelle product line. I was unfamiliar with them and almost on cue a beauty expert appeared to educate me! She gave me a little background on how they take a natural approach to developing products and are cruelty free and inquired as to what I was looking for. She recommended the MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser.

MyChelle Refining Sugar Cleanser – The answer to my flaky skin prayers.

mychelle skincare

Cleanser? You said you were looking for a exfoliater. Oh my friends – it does both! She explained to me that this is great for sensitive skin because the more water you add the more gentle it becomes. When I need a really good scrub, I just use it right out of the tube and wet hands.  Add some more water and you have a nice creamy cleanser. I’ve been using this for about a month now and have seen a lot of improvement. My skin is definitely behaving better.

The price point is great too. Normally this cleanser sells for $25.00 for a 3.5oz bottle but MyChelle is running a great sale on their website right now and it is just $17.50. They also have other great deals as well! Click Here To Shop Now!