I enjoy funny spam emails just as much as the next humor bloggers. I do, but lately I have been getting some of the strangest spam emails. Sure I get the ones for Online Trading, and Viagra knock offs all the time, who doesn’t? Those don’t bother me for some reason. The latest annoying spam that has been filling my junk mail is from a woman in Russia who wants to hook up with me.

Can I ask you? “Was you ever have sex with a Russian girl? Would you like to try it?” I am now in America – a guy looking for dating and sex.

The sender of this email is Alanna and while usually “Alanna” is a feminine name in the US it could very well be masculine in Russia (what are we calling it now?). Seems to me there were many men named Sasha on shows like Hogan’s Heroes and all the Bond movies. So I can let that go but then you get into the body of the email and it gets really confusing, and I’m not even talking about the bad grammar.

Is Alanna a guy or a girl? And isn’t Alanna a little forward? She or he is looking for dating, preferably someone who has had sex with a Russian girl, so it seems to me she/he is looking for a little more than just dating. Or am I interpreting this email incorrectly?

Another Spam email I get on a regular basis (and not nearly as handy as the ones from the online broker) is this little ditty:

Good Evening, I was having trouble sleeping as usual reading on AOLs county self-employed spotlight on wednesday and looked into some new work from anywhere opportunity where soldiers consistently bring home up to $2700 every few days of course they didnt understand most of it at first yet still i really had to give it a try & thank god I did since I’ve somehow made $295.06 by my 2nd day. its surprisingly not hard at all Ive already gotten paid once straight into my checking account… it is the most amazing thing that’s happend to us this year,Here’s the link..  yeahideletedit.com  I really think nearly everybody that has internet can do the thing which is why I am sending this to all our new friends & those i care about. Id like you to join and earn some income your self.. you can also share this mail with everybody you know who needs extra income so we can all recover from this economic nightmare!Quote of the Day

“too eager, or to let my informant know or guess too much,
had dreamed at all that night.
WIDOW QUIN.  It’d be a crazy pot-boy’d lodge him in the shebeen where he”

Now I do a lot of SEO work, I know about spinning (though I am proud to say I don’t use spinning software) and this is some really bad spinning. I’m going to totally not rag on this person for the lack of comma usage but wtf is that quote at the end?
The problem with this spam is that it is not getting flagged as spam. It’s ending up in my real email even though I have blacklisted it. The return address keep changing which means these are some slimmer spammers.
What happened to the spammers who were respectable? They sent you an email about Cialis or stock trading and after they were pegged as spam they never got through again. This new breed or email spammers are relentless. They don’t care that you don’t want what they have, they are going to keep sending those emails, dammit.
Do you have any spammers that just won’t give up?