imagesOr at least not good enough to keep my attention for more than 45 minutes.

I tried to watch several movies this weekend. I do this every other weekend while the daughter is at her dad’s house for the weekend. I’m usually multi-tasking, folding laundry, surfing the web, picking on the cat, doing my nails, or picking the lint out of my belly button.

Not being able to sit still and just watch the damn movie was ex#1 biggest complaint about me. Okay, not the biggest complaint but it was something that pissed him off enough to actually mention.

I feel guilty when I just stop everything and sit down and watch a movie. I can’t do it. I must be productive and unless I am giving myself a manicure while watching the movie I’m not productive.

I tried to watch several movies this weekend. I didn’t watch one movie from start to finish. Not one.

And I watched what were at one point considered pretty good movies.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I always wanted to read the book but never got around to it. I saw that it was on today, had never seen it before and actually thought to myself “if I watch the movie I don’t have to read the book”  like I was in high school again? I don’t really know.  I got about half way through it and decided that I needed to go and shut off the water outside the house. Right Now. I did come back to it, two hours later (a hell of a long movie by the way) and caught the end so there is no point in watching it again.

Jurassic Park. I’ve actually seen this movie before, many times. I also read the book. I thought I might be able to sit through this since I knew it was a good movie. When what’s-her-face (the one who was dumped by Billy Bob Thornton for Angelina Jolie) stuck her arm up the ass of the triceratops I shut it off.

The Accidental Tourist. I tried to read this book way back when, I also tried to watch the movie when it came out. I used to have a thing for William Hurt, back when Body Heat was a big movie. I thought it would be a decent movie but it still sucked. It was still way too long and rather depressing, at least the part I bothered to watch. And William Hurt is just an ass in all his movies now.

Love in the Time of Cholera. Again another book I knew I was not going to get around to reading though there was a time I wanted to. I even have the book. I watched about three minutes of this movie. The make-up was so horrible I couldn’t get past it. It would have been just as bad if it had subtitles.

Mad Money. I would have watched this movie from start to finish but I fell asleep. I don’t think it mattered much.

I did watch one movie from start to finish, if you can guess what it was you get one month free advertising on my blog. Leave your answer in the comment section.

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