I was having a hectic afternoon today. I got home from work late and had not prepared something for dinner this morning. I had a fresh chicken I had purchased at the farmer’s market this weekend and had to cook it so I doused it with a teryaki marinade and threw it in the oven. This was at 5:15pm and it would need to cook for at least an hour. The kids started asking (moaning) when dinner was going to be ready when I walked in the door, so I knew the likelihood of them waiting that long was slim. After about twenty minutes of hearing how they were starving I gave up and drove to Chipotle.

I decided on Chipotle because I knew both kids would eat whatever I brought home from there, there would likely be plenty of leftovers to throw in their lunches tomorrow and the store is located next to a Barnes and Noble and I wanted to pick up the newest David Sedaris book.

I couldn’t find a parking space less than a block a way and it was raining but I was excited to get this book and didn’t really care. As I was entering the book store I realized that I had left the house without really paying attention to what I was wearing. I had changed out of my work clothes as soon as I got home from work and threw on some flood water sweat pants that were clean but covered with paint. I removed my rather stylish but painful sandals for my ugly and dirty but extremely comfortable hot pink Crocs. Because of the rain my mascara had smeared and I looked like a raccoon or a wannbe Goth teenager. No one was holding any doors open for me.

I dashed into the bookstore after seeing that the line in Chipotle was at least a 15 minute wait figuring I could read my book while I waited in line. After looking through the displays of new arrivals for a few minutes and not finding the book I asked a woman I hoped worked at the store where I could find the new Sedaris book.

“It comes out tomorrow” She informed me.


So back to Chipotle to wait in line with a bunch of hungry teens and not even my phone to amuse me while I waited. I had left mine in my work bag. I considered asking the girl in front of me if I could use hers but she was busy texting away and I didn’t think she’d go for it.

After waiting what seemed like an eternity I got up to the counter just as they were out of everything. More was coming but it would be a few minutes before they refilled the little stainless steel bins. My son had a strange order of two burritos with mixed meats which they could not do without charging me more so I got him one of each. The daughter wanted a taco. One Taco. An order is three and on the sign it said they could do singles but when I tried to explain that I needed only one the guy looked at me like I was crazy. Now I am holding up the line as I explain that my son likes pinto beans but daughter wants black beans. Son likes sour cream but no one else does. He and I want lettuce but the daughter will make me pick off each piece of green so please don’t put any on hers.

I’m now sweating because I can feel the throngs of people behind me rolling their eyes. As I get to the area where you pay, the cashier was marking the burritos with the Sharpie and ripped through the foil on one. She asks if I want another since now there is marker on the tortilla.

“No, thankfully that one is mine.”

As I leave I am tense and grinding my teeth. The parking area is packed even worse and cars are backing out at will without looking for pedestrians or other cars. It takes at least ten minutes to get out of the parking lot.

And then suddenly, out of the blue I hear the beginning to Rock of Ages by Def Leppard. I turn up the stereo as loud as it can go, get my drumsticks working on the wheel and I belt out one of the best songs of all times. People are staring at me as I drive but I am in heaven and could care less.

There are probably a few handfuls of songs that will take me from a rotten mood to an outstanding mood and keep me there for hours if not for the rest of the day. Def Leppard is one of the few bands where every one of their songs does it for me.

So I’m wondering what songs you all have that will change your mood?

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