I got my Ipsy Halloween bag this week and it came with Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly. OMG I love this stuff! The color is a ghostly blue and it lasts forever. Seriously, forever.

I put this bad boy on my nails on Monday, as I write this it’s Friday, and it still looks amazing.

And that’s after pulling in all the plants so they didn’t freeze, mowing the lawn, filling the bird feeders, shutting down the outside water faucets and turning the water off (which is a big deal and usually wreaks havoc on my nails because not only am I fiddling with brass pipes and fittings, but my hands are wet and cold too! I have washed thousands of dishes during this week and that includes scrubbing Elmer’s Glue off the melamine mixing bowl that went through the dishwasher and turned into cement.

Kokie Nail Polish in Heavenly

Ipsy Kokie Nail Polish HeavenlyThis nail polis has held up better than any polish, regular or gel, that I have ever used.

Granted, the manicure was home made so not as pretty as if I had it done professionally, but with all the events I was scheduled for I didn’t have time to get them done at the salon.

I think they look fantastic.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn any polish longer than a week without a chip, and that when it was professionally applied and dried.

I applied two coats while watching The Voice. I did no prep except for taking off the orange nail polish I was wearing before. I didn’t file them, I didn’t buff them. I did wash them after using the nail polish remover, because I didn’t want the bubbles.

This polish went on so smoothly and dried pretty quickly. Usually I bump or smudge my nails right away because I have a dog that has no sense of personal space. Not this time. They dried quickly and have been hard as nails ever since.

In addition to all the yard work I’ve opened can after can of cat food, Diet Coke and salsa. My hands are dried out from all the dishes and cleaning I’ve done this week getting the house ready for winter, but still no chips.

This is a full size sample from Ipsy but you can get Kokie Nail Polish online or at select Bed Bath & Beyond stores. It retails for about $8.99 and comes in some fantastic colors.