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For the last week my neighbors have been lighting off fireworks. Not a ton but enough to scare the shit out of my dog making him hide under my desk.

Stanley is a beast of a dog even if he has very short, stubby legs. He takes up a lot of room and there are a lot of cables and cords under there. Cables and cords which he gets tangled in because he is a tard and scared.

I understand that people are excited about lighting things on fire and watching them go BOOM. But for the love of all things I NEED TO GET SOME FLIPPING WORK DONE please knock it the fuck off!

Yesterday, Stanley tried to wedge himself between the tower and my desk, he didn’t fit because there is only about two inches between the two. He settled for squishing himself up to the tower (because I refused to let him under the desk) and ended up turning off the computer because he was pressed against the power button. Thank God for auto save but I still had to reboot, which takes what seems like hours.

I’ve been tripping over the damn dog for over a week and now he has decided that he must go to the bathroom with me. My bathroom is tiny, there is not room for a person and a dog in there. He doesn’t care. He is willing himself to be small so he can fit into little spaces, presumably so the fireworks monster can’t find him.

I love my country, I love my dog, but I need to get some work done so if you could all please go blow your stash off somewhere else, like in the next state, I would sincerely appreciate it

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