I Just Want You To Know by Kate Gosselin

Apparently Kate Gosselin has another book coming out, it’s called I Just Want You To Know. Know what? What don’t we know about this woman? It seems to me she puts out a book a year. Where the hell does she find the time to write? She has eight kids for crying out loud and a deadbeat ex husband. I have two kids and two ex husbands and I can’t put a book out in three years. I know a handful of people working on books right now and none of them have been working on them for less than a year.

I suspect she doesn’t write them herself. It’s just a sneaking suspicion but unless Kate Gosselin has more than 24 hours in a day or has a coke habit, it’s not likely that she has time to churn out a new book each year. I’m not sure she can type or spell either. The clicking of freshly manicured nails on the keyboard would be too distracting to me to be able to write for very long.

I have nothing against Kate milking her 15 minutes, though they should have been over a long time ago, she has eight kids, she has to support them somehow. If I had her opportunities I would be riding that gravy train as well. My issues are not with Kate, though I have had enough of her whining. What is so special about her? So what if she has eight kids? It’s not as if she spends much time with them, she’s too busy dancing, and dancing poorly as I understand it.

No, my issues are with the publishing companies who put these kinds of books out all the time. The publishing world has changed a lot in the last 15 years. Barnes and Noble, Borders and Amazon have changed the rules and nobody raised an eyebrow. That isn’t entirely true, some independent booksellers did but no one listens to them.

Every time a publishing company puts out a book like I Just Want You To Know, or Kitty Kelly’s Oprah, the public snatches them up. There are only so many book dollars out there and by publishing this crud the public won’t buy more worthy books by talented authors. They won’t because they won’t know about the more talented authors. Publishing houses don’t want to take a chance on real literature. They want to make money. I can’t blame them, really, but they are complicit in the dumbing down of the population.

By stacking the best seller lists with this kind of fluff, talented writers don’t stand a chance. The publishing industry won’t take a chance on an unknown author anymore. Luckily the publishing industry is putting itself right out of business. Luckily for the talented writers that is.

Self publishing used to be the last resort for authors who wanted to get a book in print. Authors who self published their work were scorned by the main stream publishing houses and didn’t stand a chance of getting any promotion unless they generated the buzz on their own. Today you can launch a website, and promote your book for relatively little expense. If you have a large Twitter following or lots of Facebook friends you can get the word out quickly.  The Kindle, iPad and other book readers have evened out the playing field even more.

Kate and Kitty can keep churning out books, and people will buy them. So what if they are the people who watch Jerry Springer and have interior furnishings on their lawn? I’m not buying them. I want to read intelligent books. I want to read books that use words with more than two syllables. I don’t want to read about celebrities, if I need to know what stupid ass things they are doing I can watch the news.

That’s right I said the news. Not the entertainment shows but the nightly news, the place we used to go to catch up on the days happenings. They have sold out too. It’s all about ratings which translate to dollars. No on is interested in the death of the Polish first family, that got about 15 seconds of airtime right before a commercial break. Kate Gosselin got 8 minutes to talk about her “book”.

Something is wrong when we are more interested in Kate than we are in the death of president.

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