This is a picture of me minutes after I lost my eyeglasses. I was taking taking two of my nieces on a jet ski ride and they wanted to do some tricks. So I did a few tricks. Tight turns basically and we all went flying.

These were not just any old pair of eyeglasses. These were prescription glasses. Expensive sunglasses. I wish I had a picture to show you because they were awesome. They were multi colored with shades of gray and lavender all swirled together. Not the greatest description but they rocked. Mostly because they held my hair up perfectly when I wore them as a head band, which was more frequently than I wore them as glasses.

I was berated for wearing my eyeglass frames as a hairband by my optometrist but they just did such a wonderful job, and it was a habit, I couldn’t stop. To this day I only choose glasses that don’t have the little nose thingies on them because they get tangled in my hair.

Anyway, We flew off the jet ski and surprisingly the shades stayed on my head. It wasn’t until I went underwater to get my hair out of my face that I lost them. When I came up I noticed my niece waving her arms and pointing to the water. Since I had water in my ears I couldn’t hear her but I looked to see my glasses floating down to the bottom of the lake.

Ever try diving underwater with a life jacket on? It doesn’t work. Those suckers keep you floating no matter how hard you try to go under.

The lake is 70 feet deep right there.

My glasses remain at the bottom of the lake. I think about them often because they looked so great. I doubt mine are the only ones at the bottom but I also doubt the DNR, or whoever drains lakes, would do such a thing just so I could get the pair back.

I did get another pair to replace the ones sitting at the bottom of the lake but they don’t stay on top of my head so well when used as a hairband. The look great on my face but what good are they if I can’t hold my hair back with them?

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