It’s so fucking hot I can’t even make the effort to capitalize the words in my title. I’ve stopped looking at the weather channel because it just depresses me. There doesn’t seem to be any end in sight, just day after day of hot and humid.


I hate the heat, I especially hate this heat because it is truly like breathing water outside. I’ve got no motivation and have considered hiring a ghostwriter for my blog because I can’t think of anything to write. Considering I am a ghostwriter it’s pretty pathetic.

Last night I was driving my daughter’s friend home and we were detoured because of a huge fire on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. It was a home in my old neighborhood which probably caught fire because of too many air conditioners running on one circuit. I’ve got three running at all times with a dehumidifier for the basement. I can’t wash dishes in the dishwasher, I can’t use my hair dryer and I can’t even think about turning on an extra light because I will blow the circuits in the house. I can use my dryer and my oven because they have their own circuit but the last thing I want to do is heat up the house anymore than it already is. Even with three air conditioners running I can only get the temp down to 85 degrees.

I am sure it is hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk, take a look for yourself…

Okay, maybe not but tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter so stay tuned.

I promise, right here, that if this heat wave breaks in the next 24 hours I will never, ever bitch about winter again.