Earlier this week I got an email from John Chow on behalf of Kevin Wilke for his Local Business Money and Freedom Machine. For those of you who don’t know who John Chow is he is an internet marketing guru who makes millions of dollars (even though he is Canadian) each year doing internet marketing things. He is well respected in his online community.

I know most of what he is peddling is a scam or at the very least almost impossible achieve without certain no-how, internet skills (which I have) and most importantly a big list of people who are willing to shell out money for a product that usually doesn’t work. I get that John Chow makes his money by selling the system and not actually doing the system. I haven’t unsubscribed from his email list because I figure one day he might send some information that actually works.

The email he sent me was for a free webinar by Kevin Wilke. I don’t really know who he is except that he bills himself as another multi million dollar internet marketer.

Imagine being paid $1,000 to $5,000 EVERY month
PER client (meaning the ULTIMATE continuity)
for doing SIMPLE online marketing for an offline
business in your area (or any other town).

There’s almost no competition right now, with an
18 to 24 month window of opportunity where you
can take advantage of it easily.

Wouldn’t that be amazing… to be making a five-
figure, full-time income with only a couple

Does that seem almost impossible?

When you join the free webinar training by
Kevin Wilke

Yes, as a matter of fact that would be amazing. Now right off the bat I discounted the figures he used. But, offering services to offline businesses to give them an online presence seemed like a legitimate way to earn some income. I actually thought I could do this since I know how to get online, can build a webpage and all that. I thought they might tell me what businesses would be a good match and probably offer some package for website building.

The email went on to say:

Sometimes it seems that the guru only cares to make
money, and it’s a win/lose situation…

What’s great about this is that it’s a win/win/win.

It’s great for you since it makes you money, the
local business wins for your help, and it’s a
win for your client’s customers because can now
easily find your client’s service or products.

Everyone wins!

And you’ll quickly see how it’s not only possible,
but actually one of the BIGGEST, FASTEST and most
LUCRATIVE opportunity available to online marketers
like you and me.

Webinar Reveals All…

This coming Thursday, Kevin Wilke is holding a
HUGE webinar to show you exactly how he — and
his students — are making a fortune doing simple
online marketing for offline business…  so you
can too.

Now when I see the words FREE and WEBINAR REVEALS ALL, I think to myself “yeah, I’ll watch this, it’s free and the webinar reveals all, which means I don’t have to buy anything.

So I sign up and plan on watching it for 90 minutes even though it is right smack in the middle of a new episode of Ancient Aliens. I don’t have a DVR or Tivo so I’m just going to have to miss the best show on the air but if I can learn how to make some extra cash doing something I already know how to do then hey, it’s worth it.

So here is what happened.

The first hour was all about how Kevin Wilke was once down on his luck. It was all about eating Ramen noodles (just like ever other guru out there) and how he stumbled on this system by some guy who mentored him and showed him how to do everything the right way. He went from making less than $5000 in a year to making millions all because his mentor took him under his wing and showed him everything he knows.

I’m all for this, I would love to have a mentor. I really need someone to show me how it’s done. And not just for internet marketing but for life in general. The idea of a mentor is really comforting to me, it means I’m not in this crazy thing called life all by myself. I want to crack this code and if there is someone out there who is doing right and can teach me I’ll miss my beloved Ancient Aliens to find it.

Alas, it was not meant to be. I knew that after an hour of how Kevin struggled to feed himself that there was going to be sales pitch at the end, and I was okay with that. He explained that there were millions of businesses out there who did not have a web presence and they were in need of one. He even showed some graphs and statistics that made it seem as if this was a doable project. He talked about outsourcing the system to third world countries and kinda lost me but the idea of getting local businesses online seemed like a decent job I could do.

Of course he didn’t tell me how to do it, that information was included in his “business in a box” system with all sorts of great things (I was zoning out at this point) worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Whatever. I was anxiously waiting for the price of this thing because I figured if it cost $47 I might shell that out because I was still on board with the idea of getting offline stores online.

Even though the email said all would be revealed and it was free I knew there was going to be a cost. No matter how much Kevin Wilke talked about paying it forward and helping out his fellow man, and even his single parent sister, I knew he was going to ask for money from me. And I’m cool with that, if the system works it has value and I would be willing to pay for that.

In a side note, two years ago I saw a similar pitch from John Chow about mentoring other people. I sent him an email and asked if he would mentor me. I told him I couldn’t afford the systems he was offering but since he had such a big heart, and I was a fast learner we could both help each other out, I even offered to document the mentorship so he could post it on his site. He politely declined my offer and suggested I try his free ebook, which I did.

So, we get to the end of the webinar and Kevin gives us all a link to the squeeze page. He doesn’t even have the balls to say the cost of the system in the webinar! I go to the page and after scrolling through his whole webinar in print (which would have been so much better than to listen to the damn thing while missing Ancient Aliens) I see the cost of the FREE system that was going to be revealed in the Free Webinar is $997.00!!

I was pissed off to say the least.

I don’t have an extra $997 sitting around and if I did I most certainly wouldn’t be missing Ancient Aliens so I could learn how to make money online. Who does he think is watching these pitches? It’s not people with real jobs I can tell you that for sure.

Kevin posted pictures of his students sitting with him in some bar, these were his testimonials, people who gave up their day jobs to make millions of dollars. The people in the picture looked like his mom and John Chow but it was kind of blurry so I couldn’t be sure.

What is all this talk about paying it forward? It’s bullshit is what it is.

I have a challenge to all these gurus out there. Take me under your wing, mentor me, for FREE, like you say you will in your emails, and then teach me all that you know so that I too can make millions online. I’m not stupid, I can find my way around the internet. I actually have social skills. I can do this if it is actually possible to do it. I don’t want to resell your system, and I know that is how these gurus are making the money, I want to do a real job that has value to the clients. If one of these gurus like John Chow, Kevin Wilke or Justin Blake mentors me then it’s nothing but good press for them. I don’t think they can do it but I’m willing to be the guinea pig.

I’m waiting.

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