Yes, it’s that time again! Time to order your holiday treats!!!!

Jayne has been bugging me about the Bourbon Balls for a few months now so even though it has been unseasonably warm in these parts, and I’m not really in the holiday spirit yet, it’s going to sneak up on all of us so now is a great time to order these treats.

The Bourbon Balls are made with real Bourbon and they pack a bit of a punch. In addition to the booze there is cocoa and nuts. The Bourbon Balls are one of those confections that get better with time so if you order them now (they will be shipped this week) they will be at their peak of deliciousness by Christmas.

Bourbon Balls

1 Dozen Bourbon Balls

These Bourbon Balls are not only made with real Bourbon but they are also made with cocoa, nuts (walnut and pecans), and then rolled in powdered sugar.

2 Dozen Bourbon Balls  for $25.00 (includes shipping)

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