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I’m pissed off tonight. I’m pretty sure I will be using profanity in this post. Deal with it.

If I were President of the United States these are the positions I would hold;


It’s legal now and we will keep it that way. If you don’t want one then don’t have one. If you can’t figure out you are pregnant by the third month then you have a much bigger problem than being pregnant. If you are under 18 you need your parents permission to get one. Maybe now you will start talking to them.

Sex Education

Required in all schools public or private. It will be graphic and it will be scary. If you don’t want your kids to learn how not to have a baby or an STD then home school them and when they get both you deal with it. You do all the babysitting and support your child and your grandchild until they are old enough and educated enough to support themselves. Birth control will be available in the schools without parental consent. You know what? Teenagers have sex and they lie about it.

Gay Marriage

Absolutely. Gay people have all the same rights that straights do it is only when they couple up that they don’t. Gay people have just as much right to marry the person they love as the straight guy does. They deserve to make decisions for someone with whom they have shared a life. They deserve to bequeath their worldly possessions to whomever they desire without their family taking the recipient to court. They have just as much right to hold their soul mate’s hand as they die as the next person.


Stop it! I’m sick and tired of paying for the idiocy of some CEO. If the business fails let it. Let the free market fix itself. Yes it might create bigger problems but the current way isn’t learnin’ anyone anything.

And a few other things

There will be no candy in the check out lanes of Target or Wal Mart.

You will no longer need to buy an $11.99 doll so that you can register your code online to play the games that everyone else is playing. The games that you play for all of 15 minutes before you declare that the website sucks.

Halloween and Christmas shit cannot be sold in stores until one month before the holiday.

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