The end of the year is upon us. Not only is it the end of another year but also the end of a decade.

I can’t believe how fast the last ten years have gone by. It seems like just yesterday that I was glued to the television waiting for all the bad things to happen when the Y2K bug hit.

It never did.

But it still seems like it just happened.

I can’t sum up the last ten years easily. There were some amazing highs. I got married, I had another baby, I started writing again. And there were some horrible lows. I had a miscarriage, I got divorced, my father died. When I wasn’t experiencing a high or a low I was trying to recover from one of them. Most of the last ten years have been spent trying to move on from one thing or another.

This last year was no different and it has dawned on me that I am letting my life happen to me rather than making it happen. I have spent the last decade reacting rather than directing.

I’ve made resolutions before, some I have stuck with others went out the window after a few days. I still want to lose some weight, make more money and find a man, but more importantly I want to make time to take care of myself. I suspect the weight loss, money and man will simply happen if I make better choices.

I rarely have specific resolutions. Usually they are rather broad like the three mentioned above. This is probably why I have yet to achieve them this decade. I know that setting specific and realistic goals is the way to reach them however it is also a way to fall flat on my ass when I don’t achieve them. Fear of failure or success depending on how you want to look at it I guess.

I do have a couple of resolutions for the new year that are specific.

I want to write more consistently on my blog. At first I thought about writing a post every day, and I can do that but the quality of the posts will surely suffer so I’m going to spare everyone that but will focus on writing more consistently. Which means I have to get out in the world more often. I might find Stanley and my children amusing but for everyone else they probably get a little old. I think I may hang out at Wal*mart on a regular basis because Wal*mart is always funny. I do have some big plans for this blog over the next year but no specifics at this time. I’ve got people who are going to help me turn this little blog into a pretty cool place to visit, so stay tuned.

I also resolve to wear regular jeans again. Jeans that have been horribly termed “mom jeans”. I resolve to never again wear pants that do not come up to my belly button. I am not a plumber and do not need to show my butt crack to anyone. I spend so much time during the day hiking my pants back up, invariably creating the dreaded camel toe, until I sit down again and then my ass is exposed. It’s a no win situation with these damn jeans that have been in style for the last decade. I want regular straight leg jeans that don’t ride down and still allow me to move or sit cross legged on the couch if I want to. I don’t want bell bottoms or “boot cut” as they have been labeled. I don’t need a flare at the bottom of my pants. I’m not the most graceful person and don’t need more things to trip on.

Those are my resolutions for the next year and the next decade. What are some of yours?

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