Messy cupboard, unorganized mess

To get more organized. Specifically to organize my kitchen, laundry room and whatever room that is where all the tools are kept.

This is my only cupboard in the kitchen for food. My kitchen is tiny so everything has to go in there or on top of the fridge or in the basement in the “pantry”.

pantry, getting organized, I put stuff down here that I don’t use often but then I forget about it and go out and get more of it because I think I am out of it. I also store the beer here because I don’t drink beer but it was taking up too much room in the fridge. I’d throw it out but that seems wasteful. I’d give it to my neighbor but he doesn’t drink ‘chick’ beer.

Laundry room

The laundry room doesn’t look that bad but you can’t see the cobwebs and is really necessary to have a printer in the laundry room? I think I can safely throw away the hermit crab cage and food.¬† My house is tiny and what storage space I have I don’t utilize properly.

Those are not dead plants, they are geraniums which need to go dormant for the winter. I am not a hoarder.

I resolve to get this mess cleaned up and organized this weekend. I’m even going to clean out the fridge which I would show you but then no one would ever eat at my house again. Not that I have mold growing in the fridge or anything like that, it’s just a mess and there is some stuff in there from this past summer that should probably go.

I will be posting the ‘after’ pictures as soon as I finish.