Temperature's Risin'
Image by Ham Hock via Flickr

Sorry, there isn’t much to see here today. The summer has caught up to me.  The heat wave finally broke and we are having sun and temps in the 70s with little humidity. That happened after we got 6 inches of rain on Friday. Luckily all the furniture in the basement had already been ruined by the last flood so nothing had to be discarded.

I could write about the cabbage soup diet that I started on Friday but I quit it on Sunday when I realized how gassy cabbage makes me among other things. I felt like Spaz (caution, this post is hilarious but not for the weak). After a little research I decided to do the Atkins diet. So I am in my second day of induction and so far so good. I might be a little crabby for a few days so I apologize right now if I snap at anyone, I’m talking to you Unfinished Rambler.

Fear not, I am taking the kids to the dentist today so I am sure I will have all kinds of funny things to report later in the day or tomorrow.

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