As a blogger the last week (hell, the last 48 hours) has been filled with great topics to discuss. There’s the burning of the Jordanian pilot, Obama’s interesting remarks at the prayer breakfast, Kanye West and Beck (not to mention Prince’s glorious afro) and of course Brian Williams.

We won’t be talking about Brian William’s daughter getting her ass eaten out here so if you’re looking for that go Google it.

Everyone is having fainting spells because Brian Williams lied. Brain has been telling a story for years that he was in a helicopter in Iraq when it was struck by a rocket propelled grenade. The story recently unraveled when he recounted it again on January 30th when crew members who were actually on the helicopter challenged his claim that he was too.

Since then Mr. Williams has taken himself off the air for a few days and anyone with a soap box has dumped on him. Many, if not most, are calling for his resignation from NBC Nightly News. Tom Brokaw has lit the torch, sharpened his pitchfork and is leading the charge for Brian Williams resignation.

Pot meet kettle.

I can’t get behind this idea. I don’t watch NBC Nightly News but I do catch Brian Williams Slow Jamming with Jimmy Fallon and I love his rap. He’s affable enough for a talking head.

He lied, so what. Or, as Hillary so eloquently stated “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

I expect all of them to lie. I don’t care what network they work for, I am sure they are all lying, all the time.

And who hasn’t told a fib or two? I take creative license all the time. I change the names of people, I add details that I had long since forgotten, I even make up dialog because after so many years (or even days) I can’t be expected to remember it word for word.

Brian was in Iraq, that much is true, and fucking scary. If he wasn’t on a helicopter when it was close to a grenade as it was detonating so what? Most of us will never visit Iraq. Most of us will never leave our comfortable couch to see what’s happening in parts of the world we’d rather ignore. Brian is heading out there to report on it. If he fudged a couple details what’s the harm?

I didn’t grow up in the age of Cronkite. I came of age when Jim and Tammy Faye Baker were brought to their knees for building a christian amusement park, Milli Vanilli were caught lips syncing and let’s not forget Oliver North and Iran Contra. To find out that Brian Williams lied about anything isn’t just forgivable, it’s expected.