Happy Goat SoapOkay only two people are willing to bet against me.

I really appreciate your belief in my ability to resist sugar but that makes for a really lame contest. So, forget the previous contest about betting against me and we will just do something different.

Three bars of rich goat’s milk soap are up for grabs here. Happy Goat Soap is the best soap in the world so if you haven’t already tried it now is a great time to do so.

To win the three bars of Happy Goat Soap all you have to do is retweet my post http://www.redheadranting.com/i-did-pretty-good/

I even made it really easy by shortening the URL for you. All you have to do is copy and past the line below. Be sure to include the ‘RT and everything that follows.

RT @redheadranting all single, step, blended, divorced parents should read this http://bit.ly/atYnRm

If you want to earn more chances to win this fabulous soap you can do any of the following.

2 chances each:

Stumble the post http://www.redheadranting.com/i-did-pretty-good/

Digg the post http://www.redheadranting.com/i-did-pretty-good/

1 chance:

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This contest is open to international contestants because Patty rocks!

Sorry for the confusion everyone. And thank you so much for not betting against me.


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