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Summer officially begins in just a couple of weeks. If you are anything like me you aren’t the least bit prepared.

It’s been unseasonably cold here for the past month, so much that I have been confused about which season is beginning and which is ending.  Just yesterday I pulled out my warm weather clothes.  We went from using the furnace to using the A/C over the weekend.

I’m not ready for summer. But, I still have two weeks to prepare so I’ve made a checklist of all the things I need to do before it is officially summer.

1. Find Activities for the Kids

God knows I don’t want to entertain them so I better figure out something.

2. Grocery Shop

My kids and all their friends will be hanging around the house this summer. My grocery bill is going to skyrocket. I’m pretty sure they can eat their weight in Munchos and hot dogs each day.

3. Books

It’s time to pay those overdue library fees because there will come a day when we will have nothing else to do and I will have to drag them to the library to check out books they will never read and which I will return late.

4. Bathing suit

I’m going to have to take the kids to the pool. Does Spanx make a bathing suit?

5. Remember the windows are now open.

Summer will start out nice and mellow. We will have activities for the first day and a half. After that I have to remind myself that when I yell at them for setting the dog on fire or trying to build an indoor pool that the windows are now open and everyone can hear what I have to say.

When does school start?

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