fluffy catAs much of the country has, we have been getting rained on quite a bit. We’ve also had a fair amount of humidity. And it really sucks.

Apparently it sucks much worse for my cat.

That is not my cat but I, the woman who blogs about just about anything, didn’t bother to take a picture.

Let me explain.

This past weekend it was tropical. Yucky, sticky, unbearable humidity. The kind where half an hour after you take a shower you are asking yourself if you forgot to put on deodorant.

And then we had tornadoes.

With lots and lots of lightening.

Stanley, the bassador, hates thunderstorms. He hides under my desk and gets tangled in all the cords. We manage to cope.

Dini, the cat, never seemed to care about thunderstorms, loud noises or little girls who hug her and squeeze her and call her ‘George’. Dini always went with the flow of things. ‘Chillaxin’ could have been her middle name if it wasn’t already ‘shut up’.

Not this weekend. Something happened, I don’t know what it was, but the cat was acting kinda funny.

I walked into the kitchen to see her sitting by the back door. A place she spends a lot of time, usually at 2am, because she likes to go in and out of the house.

She was sitting there all normal except she was fluffy. Really fluffy. Her hackles were raised but so was the rest of her hair. She looked just like she would had she taken a spin in the dryer.

I really wish I had taken a picture.

Instead I called my son up from his room to take a look at the cat. We both stood there and laughed at the cat who got a little irritated with us and walked into the living room.

She sat in the middle of the living room, fluffy, and stared at the floor. She looked as if she was sleeping, and she could have been. She has been known to fall asleep sitting up.

I tried to pet her hair down but it just kept popping back up.

I was a little worried about her because this had never happened before, at least to my knowledge. For all I knew the cat got fluffy each day but I just missed it.

For a moment I thought about calling her vet but realized it was Saturday night and I would have to call the emergency clinic to talk to anyone.

And really what was I going to say?

“Hi, my cat’s all fluffy, is that normal?”

She wasn’t doing anything else strange, she wasn’t breathing heavy or fast, she was just really fluffy.

Eventually the hair raising ended and all was fine. The dog was still wedged under my desk but there was nothing I could do about that. He would come out when the sirens stopped blaring.

Yesterday I was still wondering about the fluffy cat thing. I thought about Googling it but I have been watching too much of the OCD Project and have started to pick up their phobias, one of which is if you Google something it becomes true. Which doesn’t really work here because the cat had already been fluffy but for some reason I was apprehensive about asking Google.

So I asked a few friends who laughed their asses off at me.

And then they suggested, no, they actually goaded me, to call my vet.

Which I did.

Me: Hi, um, my cat was really fluffy the other night and I just wondered if that is something I should be worried about. She isn’t fluffy anymore, it went away.

Vet nurse lady: Is this a joke? Your cat was fluffy?

Me: No, it’s not a joke, she was really fluffy, like she had just gotten out of the dryer.

Vet nurse lady: Was she in the dryer?

Me: Of course not.

I explained the whole fluffy cat thing just like I did for you guys

Vet nurse lady: I don’t know why your cat was fluffy but I am going to have the doctor give you a call.

Now I felt stupid. This vet nurse lady was going to tell the doctor about my fluffy cat and have her call me. Obviously if the vet nurse lady had never encountered this problem before then the doctor wasn’t likely to know about it either. It was at this point I decided the cat had been fucking with me.

A few minutes later the vet called back, unfortunately the vet nurse lady hadn’t explained the fluff and I had to explain all over again. Or maybe she had and the vet just wanted to hear me say it. I don’t know but she too was laughing.

Vet: Did you take a picture?

Me: No, I was too busy laughing at the cat to think of taking a picture.

Vet: That’s too bad, that would have made a great picture. You could have sent it to those LOLCats people.

Me: So what’s wrong with her?

Vet: I don’t know.If she starts acting strange or displays other odd behavior you can bring her in. If she gets fluffy again be sure to take a picture.

This vet does not know I blog.

So that was it. I have no answer, I don’t know why the cat was fluffy and worse, I don’t know how to make her do it again so I can take a picture.