As a crazy mascara, obsessed person, I probably spend the most money and time on my lashes in the morning. So naturally I have considered eyelash extensions. With eyelash extensions being offered at more and more salons it’s become affordable. And even Groupon is offering deals on eyelash extensions! But I wonder why you see so many wonderful makeup artists who continue to stick with natural lashes or go with false lashes for their fab looks?

eyelash extensions

When reading the many articles out there it isn’t immediately clear why eyelash extensions are not more popular. Those who have had them seem to LOVE(ed) them! How it shortens their morning routine, the choices of styles and lash materials. All the raves about how luxurious the process is itself. Hour and a half with your eyes shut – literally beauty sleep!

Sure they recommend going in 2-3 weeks for fills, but most said you could stretch that out by a month. The other thing that would be tricky for me personally, would be avoiding oil based products near the lashes. So goodbye to some of my favorite products – ok fine, doable. Still not seeing the downside.

The comments section in many of these articles is where the golden information was though. Some of them were very surprising to me:

Maintenance For Eyelash Extensions

  1. Stomach sleepers (hand raised) habit you gotta break if you want those beautiful lashes to stay put and pristine
  2. Face washing habits must change – recommended you don’t get them wet for the first 24 hours and then be sure to use oil free and mild cleansers. Also, vigorous scrubbing should be avoided
  3. You most likely will suffer lash damage once you decide to go natural again! Ack! This surprised me. I thought they would just fall off with your natural lash shed. Many comments that they need to utilize Latisse for a couple months to regain their normal lash state due to being left with lash stubs, even after professional removal!

The third issue was a very common one unfortunately and the one that made me reconsider my dream of effortless, full, luscious lashes. I found it surprising that none of the first-hand experience based articles addressed this post-lash rehab effort.

Have you had lash extensions? Would you recommend or run away?