Have you seen this commercial for Depends Undergarments? It’s the latest commercial for adult diapers that’s aimed at the younger Baby Boomers.

It’s a cute commercial with a woman who tries Depends Undergarments for the weekend. Because she is wearing the diapers she can do all kinds of things she wouldn’t otherwise do, I guess.  The sales pitch is to try Depends for the weekend. You know, for fun.

I’m not a Baby Boomer but only by a hair. My brother is a Baby Boomer so these ads are aimed at him, which I actually find amusing. But that’s beside the point.

Is anyone concerned that they aren’t telling us something? I thought I had at least until my late 70s before I had to worry about losing control of my bladder at times when I wasn’t sneezing (I blame my kids big heads) or reading a Christopher Moore novel.

But apparently not.

This commercial is disturbing on so many levels! She seems so happy about wearing a diaper and she’s young. I’d hazard a guess this woman isn’t any older than 55 year old, probably even younger. I’ve started online dating again and have set the age of guys I’m willing to date in the 50s so now I have to worry about changing their diaper? That really changes everything and they dating sites need to address this in the dating profile.

I’m a SWFADF! (Single, white, female, adult diaper free)

It wasn’t that long ago that my kid was in diapers (ok, it doesn’t seem like it was that long ago). I hardly want to start changing the diaper of some guy I’m dating.

Am I the only one frightened by these ads?