Looking for an honest BarkBox Review? Well then you’ve come to the right place. As you may or may not know, we go through a lot of dog toys in this house. We also go through an amazing amount of rawhide bones because they last longer than any other dog chew or toy. As you may remember I wrote about indestructible dog toys a couple years ago when I was trying to find the perfect dog toy for Ruby.

BarkBox dog toy

Unfortunately, there is no perfect dog toy for Ruby because she shreds them within minutes of getting them.

And still I try.

BarkBox Review

Getting back to my BarkBox review… I love BarkBox. I signed up last spring for this monthly subscription box and have not been let down. The BarkBox comes with two good sized toys. While they are not indestructible, they are well made, usually pretty durable and interesting to the dog. This one (and similar variations which have been since shredded) seem to be the most interesting to Ruby.

BarkBox dog toy

Each box is themed, which is sort of fun for the human, not so sure how the dogs feel about it. This toy, the one I call Man Bun (even though it is clearly a woman), seems to be a gymnast. You can pull the legs through the body making it a fun tug of war toy. The legs are made of a heavy duty rope so when the body gets chewed up the rope is left as a good teeth cleaning toy or fetch toy. The arms were removed within minutes of coming out of the box. I’m surprised she has not gotten the bun off yet.

This month the theme is California Droolin’ – it’s a box dedicated to all that awesomeness in the Golden State. It features toys like an avocado, palm tree, fish taco, and shark toys. Our box came with a hedge hog in a bathing suit and the fish taco. It also included several snacks (which are great for Stanley since he doesn’t really play with toys) such as freeze dried beef and bacon crackers.


The fish taco toy was snatched from the box immediately. The poor thing lost its lips right away, followed by it’s innards. Now it’s basically a cat toy because the squeaky bits have been removed. I’m hoarding the hedge hog for a special occasion because I don’t want stuffing all over the floor.


Both dogs love the treats that come in each BarkBox, usually two bags of treats and one larger chew style treat. We’ve gotten bully sticks, and other organs for the dogs to chew. Because Ruby chews with such enthusiasm I tend to give the harder chews to Stanley. He’ll take his time with them, Ruby just swallows them whole. This month’s box featured a dried steak. It’s hard but will soften as it is chewed, something necessary for Ruby.

So, in a conclusion, I love the BarkBox. It’s something to look forward to, the dogs love getting something in the mail (seriously, they are like little kids when it arrives), and it always has really high quality items in it. I don’t always feel sure about giving my dogs some of the treats you find in the big box pet stores, but the ones that come in the BarkBox are made in the USA, and are made of high quality ingredients. Of course, they love the flavors.

If you’d like to try a BarkBox for your furbabies, you can use this link  to get a free box when you sign up.

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