winterIt is too damn cold outside. It is also too damn cold inside. I can’t turn the heat on enough to make it feel warm in my house. The air temperature might say 68 degrees but without any moisture in the air it still feels really cold.

For the past several days I wake up and my whole body is sore. It’s sore because I have been sleeping with my arms and legs pulled as close to my core as possible. Apparently I might relax my grip while I sleep so I hold onto my shoulders with my hands crossed over my chest. When I wake up I feel as if I have been pulling a Chevy Impala with my bare hands all night long.

Last night I kept waking up because I heard a beeping sound. I am sure it is the beeping sound that a smoke detector makes when the battery is dying. The problem is I have about seven smoke detectors and have no idea which one is making the noise. Why can’t they put some kind of visual identifier on the smoke detector when the battery starts to chirp? The first sound it makes that isn’t to alert the house to a fire makes a little dot turn green. They can do this to a cell phone there is no reason they can’t do it to a smoke detector.

Because it was so cold last night (-15) I had the daughter, dog and cat all in my bed and we were still freezing. Every time the smoke detector chirped the dog freaked out. It probably didn’t help that I was schlepping a chair to each smoke detector to see if I could see which one was making all that racket.

It has also been so cold that the dog will not go all the way outside to pee and poop. He walks about ten feet down the sidewalk and takes care of business there on the walk. Now the walk is frozen yellow with a few land mines thrown in for good measure. It’s disgusting but I can hardly blame him. At least he goes outside. If I had to do my business outside I wouldn’t.

This cold is supposed to last for at least another week. This is usually the coldest part of the year for us so after this week we should see the temperature go back to more normal reading like zero or if we are lucky 10 degrees above zero. I turned on the Today show this morning. I watched from underneath several blankets while I tried to sip my coffee. Meredith, Al and What’s-his-name were all complaining about the cold in NY. It was 20 degrees above zero! That’s like summer here. They will have spring in a normal month like March, we might get our spring in June.

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