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I Won The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!

June 22, 2010

That’s right, I won a million dollars in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. I can’t believe it. Talk about luck! Of all the people who didn’t enter this sweepstakes, I won. And here is the letter that proves it:

We the Board of Directors of Publishers Clearing House brings to your notice that your email address just won you One Million Dollars($1,000,000.00 USD) in this week Sweepstake Lotto Program.You are to send a confirmation email immediately to


Ronnie Lykke

Online Co-ordinator

I especially love that the people in Claimsdept67676 are everyday people like the rest of us and use a hotmail account. Can you still get a hotmail account?

So anyway, if you don’t see me around for a while this is why, I’m taking that much needed vacation now that I am a millionaire.

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  • moooooog35

    This may just be a coincidence, but Ed McMahon's burial plot number is 67676.


    • That is eerie, it must be for real then.

    • ken

      drop the 7’s, and you got 666

  • Those lousy fuckers can't even properly string a sentence together. Not that I always do, but JC if they're trying to scam us they need to take a class or something.

    So anyway… if you really are a Ms. Moneybags now, I think I might accept the iPad and $500 Home Depot gift card that's just sitting in my shit box, waiting for me to claim them.

    • I find them much more enjoyable if they can't string together a proper
      sentence. When their grammar is correct I begin to think it might be legit
      and I am far more compelled to send them the info they want. Cuz, I'm an
      idiot like that.

      Apple nor Home Depot would ever lie, I am sure those are honest wins. You
      should collect them before they give them to someone else.

  • YAY! Right?
    Ahh jeez. Those suckers will send that email to everyone.
    I mean we are alot smarter to fall for this email.

    • They send them to EVERYONE? I thought they chose me, that I was special,
      that I had won even if I hadn't entered.


  • I've been getting special e-mails lately from Mr. Bill Gates himself. Imagine! Oh, and more than one member of the royal family of Uganda is desperately seeking space in my empty little bank account to unload a giant bag of gold coins. Both of us have the luck 'o the Irish. Let's run away together.

    • I can totally see Bill Gates sending out personal emails giving away his
      money. Why not, it's not like he works any more and he has a lot of money to
      give away. You should check that one out. Gold from Uganda, you know that's
      on the up and up. I'd be sure to respond to that one too because you know,
      gold is a great investment.

  • Congratulations! I believe I have a rather large sum of money coming to me by way of a Nigerian prince. Perhaps we can vacation on the Riviera together?

    • Can the two of you please bring me on this vacation you speak of? I have yet to become a millionaire – but since ya'll are rich now – you two can afford a mooch like me – yes?

      • Oh, sure. I plan to be so rich that I will be inviting ALL of my blogger friends!

      • A vacation wouldn't be complete without you, Meleah. If you like I can forward an email or two your way, I seem to be on a winning streak recently.

      • Mlbbostick

        This is so inspiring!! Marsha Bo stick

    • That would be lovely. Those Nigerian princes are all so generous.

    • Kariejraschick

      ha ha…you are an idiot..nigerian prince is a scam..they will deposit money in your account then ask you to send a portion back to them to pay taxes and such…you will never see the money and also have to pay back the crap check you just deposited….I really didnt think that people have i’m an idiot stamped on their forheads…but now i see there are a few of you…good luck anyway..let me know how it turns out.

      • WHAT? “Nigerian prince is a scam”?????

        What are you saying, oh, wise, all-knowing Kariejraschick???

        Have I turned over my entire bank account only to be the victim of a scam? It’s not possible, I tell you! Surely you are misinformed! Surely SOME Nigerian princes are not scams!

        Surely, you are familiar with sarcasm? With humor? With the fact that a person who can’t spell “forehead” is the last person to accuse someone of being an idiot?

        Oh, dear. Try reading some of the comments below yours. I guess all these people are idiots too.

      • drummaboy

        What the F is wrong with you??? Have you ever heard of s a r c a s m??? To find the idiot just look in a mirror. Moron.

      • Missinglink

        Your the idiot, she was making fun of the prince. You need to look at what your reading before you speak

  • Whoa ! I am go going to draw a salary for being class-clown at tribal blogs.
    But I know I haven't been around – family issues.

    Fifty Cassavas a comment should be reasonable.

    Oops – this comment already puts you in a debt of fifty cassavas !

    • Jaffer as soon as they wire the winnings to me I will be happy to pay you for all you do. You certainly deserve it.

      Sorry about the family issues, I hope every thing is okay.

  • hehehe. It could have been worse, it could have been Zimbabwean dollars.

    • What's wrong with Zimbabwean dollars? I'm sure they spend just as easily as American dollars.

  • Joecap3

    Don't forget to send that email off to them! I think all they will need is your bank account number so they can make the deposit!

    • I think I should send my routing number too, just to be safe. I'd hate for there to be a mix up.

  • Congratulations! Now that you are rich, even though you don't have a hotmail account can you spare a few and buy me an apple or two?
    Apples have been lacking around here lately and I am getting cranky.

    • No apples? What is the publicist thinking?

      Okay, this is off topic but I heard this song from Cake today about goats and sheep, have you ever heard it? If you haven't I don't recommend it.

  • mikewjattoomanymornings

    I thought you seemed different lately. Please try to remember us little people when you're dining on black sea bass in Portofino, okay?

    • I will of course remember the little people. I can't wait for the wire transfer because that black sea bass sounds wonderful, much better than the shells and cheese Velveeta we had tonight.

  • Wow, you luck thing you! You know, I've lost count of the number of times I've won the Nigerian lottery, the funny thing is – I've never entered the Nigerian lottery. But I guess some guys have all the luck, right?

    Anyway, enjoy your holiday and I do hope you have fun with your winnings; don't spend it all at once now 😀

    • It's not fun unless you can spend it all in one place. Actually that doesn't sound fun because then when you get to another store you can't spend anymore. Sound advice.

  • Congratulations! Just make sure you give them someone else's social security number. This might be where ex-husbands come in handy.

    • Thankfully I have two and I was smart enough to commit both of theirs to memory. Thank you for the most excellent tip. Of course, with my luck it is legit and then I just gave one of my exes a million dollars.

  • It's very fortunate that you have this extra money. I have a great “wetland resort” property in South Florida for you to buy, and if that's not to your liking, know a shiny bridge in Brooklyn that is for sale. LOL

    • Will you send me some info about these two wonderful investments? They sound really too good to pass up.

  • Hmmmm I want some sketchers shapeups for Christmas… would redhead ranting santa consider it? Oh and how lucky are you … the timing is just right because a 125×125 advertising block just opened up for a small fee of 200,000k a week. Interested?

    • I kinda want some of those too. Kinda because they are way expensive and then I would feel extra guilty for not using them as they should be used. However, I want an iPad or a Dyson before I get a pair of uber expensive shoes, even if they can perform miracles by making my ass look younger.

  • Erin

    don't forget the little people—-

    winner winner chicken dinner! you must be SO thrilled.

    • KFC for everyone! Of course that will cost more than a million dollars.

  • JEN! That's incredible, amazing, great news! Congratulations to you. You know, as luck would have it, I'm a lottery winnings investment consultant. This really is your lucky day! For a measley $5000, I will handle all of the paperwork for you, set up some tax shelters, college funds, IRAs etc etc. You send me the certified check and I will take care of EVERYTHING! You know you can trust me, I sent you a fondue set 🙂

    • Nicky, of course you can be my accountant! I am sure you would be awesome at it. And I bet that conversion between USD and Canadian Loonies and Toonies wouldn't mess either one of us up at all. Though it's screwing with the postal service because I have not received my fondue set yet and EVERYONE is eagerly anticipating it.

  • Aw man! I've been deleting these darn emails, thinking that they were spam. So obviously they have given you the million dollars instead. Excuse me while I try to undelete….

    • Sorry Janiss, you have to stay on top of these things. I think they try to make it look like spam so the winners throw them away and then they don't have to pay out.

  • Ha ha ha ha ha! And that email address looks really official too!

    Mo keeps winning these draws that she hasn't entered, only they come by snail mail and you have to phone for a code in order to find out if you are mega rich or you have won a plastic picture frame. Oh and the phone call costs about £9.50 ($14). Of course you all win the plastic picture frame, because it's all nice and legal then.

    • How many picture frames has Mo won?

      • Oh none! We never claim the prize, but there is always either a plastic picture frame or a zero meg memory stick in the list. They are worth far less than the price of the phone call! The first one we received I phoned the number just to see what it was all about. It was a very slow recorded message. Our number was the very last one called out (to keep you on the phone for the maximum time) and our prize was a plastic frame!

  • You have to do it, Jen. That sentence “You are to send a confirmation email immediately to” is just dripping with authority. If you don't do it, who knows what may happen! Or not happen! Just do it! Time is running out!

    • It's already done. I am spending my winnings already because I know they are legit and by the time the checks clear their check should have arrived. I'm sure the bank will treat me differently now too since I am a millionaire.

  • I knew you'd be rich one day! (-:

    • It's all that hard work and planning finally paying off.

  • daisythecurlycat

    Hooray! Do not forget to send them your SS# and bank account number and routing number so they can be sure to properly forward the monies to your account.

    • Daisy I am already on that. I have made copies and sent the originals to them. I am sure they will be wiring the monies into my account any day now.

  • Becky

    I could use a loan. So, when the Bank of Jen opens for business, let me know.

    • Becky I would love to help you out but after taxes I won't have anything left. I'm better off being broke and getting assistance, then I could give you that loan.

  • That sooooo rocks for you. With all that money would you like to buy some of my ocean front property in Arizona?

  • That sooooo rocks for you. With all that money would you like to buy some of my ocean front property in Arizona?

    • I'm really considering buying some beach front in the gulf of Mexico, I hear that is prime real estate right now.

  • What are you gonna buy with all that money, Jen? That's pretty exciting. I won a couple of things like that but I think I just frittered away all my winnings. You know how I am.

    • Well, after taxes I'll probably have enough left over for a cheeseburger or something.

      I know how you are. You bought a Gucci purse with matching pumps, some Dom Perignon (Every time I try to write Perignon it tells me to use the word peritoneum) and you killed it by 8 am. Which is exactly what I would do if I had money to burn.

      • Burning money is good fun. Burning Man is even better.

        • Is that like the movie? Do they serve wine?

          • They serve everything at Burning Man! Look on the web for the “Burning Man” and you'll get an idea of this amazing if bizarre event!

          • I saw saw the movie with Nicolas Cage, every movie he makes is just steeped
            in authenticity and truth. I don't need to look on the web.

          • Okay, I'm with you there. Guess I missed the movie. But I have been to the event. Mind bending!

          • Really? Mind bending? Don't they just torch a bunch of sticks shaped like a man? I will never fully understand people from California. I love you Linda, I really do, but you all do some weird things out there.

  • I had no idea that One Million Dollars converted to $1,000,000 USD. You learn something new every day.

    • I've been looking at your comment for about ten minutes now and for the life of me I can't figure out what is wrong. What is wrong with the conversion? You could email it to me so I don't look so stupid, or leave it here, that's okay too. Is it the zeroes?

      • I am so sorry that you even wasted a second on that. I was being a total smart ass because I thought they were being stupid by spelling out exactly in numbers how much the words one million dollars translates to, as if we didn't know.

  • congrats!

    • Thank you! Stuff like this never happens to me so I am even more excited.

  • Wow — awesome!

    I apparently have a long lost uncle in South Africa who left me a diamond mine, all I have to do is pass on a small administration fee for the processing of my fortune, and then wait for the trucks of money to pull up to my front door. Woo hoo!!!!

    • You too?!?! I thought I was the only one with a long lost uncle and a
      benefactor who lived in Zimbabwe.

      • nofooljava

        me too wow small world

    • zelda stanley

      I love it…you beat my people that want to give me boat load of cash…Lololololol, Lololololol Lololololol!!!! #England

  • if i had a few bucks for every email like this i've gotten, i'd be loaded! such bs!

    • I know, I get so many of these but usually I have won Rupees or some other
      form of money I haven't heard of yet. I am surprised to see them use the
      name Publishers Clearing House, since that is such a well known sweepstakes
      and easily checked out.

      • Katterkat

        I always get emails from the FBI telling me they are going to arrest me for receiving money from Nigeria. I never replied to Nigeria nor received money. I did how ever contact the real FBI. They asked for all the emails. They never came and arrested me. Instead they thanked me for my cooperation.

  • Would you like to buy my time share on Atlantis?

    • You found it! Why of course I would, I bet it is a wonderful place to relax
      even if it is underwater.

  • You're so silly. But in all honesty I did get a windfall, seems a poor widow in Nigeria, needed my help to get her 67 million that was stuck in some bank and the government wouldn't allow her to touch it, so I helped her by using my bank account and she is giving me a third of the money. I am so psyched, I peed myself when I got the confirmation letter yesterday and the poor thing needed two grand to help her get out of that bad country, so it was the least I could do. So by next Monday, watch out, I am gonna be a rich man and will have no need to try and sell a $10 blog link any longer, booyah

    • Mardar61

      BAAAAAAhaaaaaaa. you really fell for tht crap. If you got money to give away like that send it my way

    • Guest

      Don’t any of you people watch the news or read the paper or pay attention to anything? Anything that comes across you that states I’m a widow or I have a fortune or I need money to get my money or anything comming from a foreign country is a scam!!!!!!!! I can’t believe that people are still falling for this shit…come on Americans wake up…this is how these people make their living…they target people like you idiots all day long and get paid….no wonder they target Americans…we fall for anything if it involves money…pay attention people..don’t give yor money…bank accounts routing numbers or anything personal about YOUR money to anyone PLEASE stop being gullible ..Prince my ass… stupid…princess waiting for my money…wake up…you have the Internet please check out these scams please STOP

      • Nicole

        All of those whom are claiming to have any financial break throughs, are just humoring us! They’re the ones that didn’t fall for the “Okey-Doke!” So, please, just laugh at what you are reading, as they are poking fun at those idiots who assumed it wise to send them that garbage! I too want to chime in on how dumb some of these scammers are, it’s hilarious to me. I loved all of you all’s stories by the way, just keep them coming! I’m Laughing like you all meant for me to!

      • type1fan

        I can’t believe you don’t know what sarcasm is.

    • Missinglink

      Please let me know when u get the money. I would love to go on vacation. Maybe u can give me their phone number so I can help them out to. I have some money I would like to give away. Lol

    • Vik

      Oh, gee, I heard from that same Nigerian widow, only she had cancer and a lot of money that her greedy relatives were trying to get from her. She desperately needed somebody to be her “sister,” and I played along with her. I told her to get an international money order and have it made out with the amount of the $ she was hiding and send it to me. (I never heard from her again lol!)

  • Vange


  • Thanks for publishing.

  • dcr

    I guess since Ed McMahon's not around anymore to show up with a huge check at your doorstep, they just send you an eMail now. Sad.

    Maybe I can hang out with you and JD on vacation. Some rich widow in Africa dying of cancer wants to give me several million dollars. Also, I've won the European lottery on a couple of occasions; just waiting for the money to appear in my bank account. Curiously, money keeps disappearing. Oh well, I'm sure the millions will be deposited soon.

  • Mmcandyman44

    I got the same thing. I can't wait, I'm going to retire now LOL

  • Mmcandyman44

    Hey guys!
    Is anyone else still waiting for that Seargent from the U.S. Army who was in Iraq and was part of a group of soldiers who looted Sadam's Bank, to send You the millions He stole to get it out of the country. I know I can't wait:)

    • TommyBoy42954

      You get those letters too; I’m all a gogg over my soldier man picking little ole me. It’s just so ginger peachy. I can’t wait for them there foot lockers to get here so I can get my 30% cut of the Loot. I just sent out a Money Gram for $450.00 for the Overseas Shipping Certificates to receive my packages. Odd though, you’re waiting on your soldier man, mine told me I was to hold on to the Footlockers and he would be here later in the year to pick them up and split the money. He said he had the “Keys” to
      open them. Oh well your guy must be from a different group, although mine did say it was from Saddam’s vault in the bunker they caught him in. OK well good luck with your soldier.

      • TommyBoy42954

        PS; If you think for one minute, I bought into that Bull Shit and shelled out $450.00 for some Overseas Shipping Certificate then you’re a bigger Dumb Ass then you though I was. Let’s be honest here, if you believed any of what I wrote up above, you also thought to yourselves, “Boy what a Dumb Ass that Moron is”. . Let me give Everyone a list of the 4 biggest Rip-Off Scams.
        1. You won 1.5Million Dollars in the Euro. On-line Lottery
        2, You Inherited 4.5 to 14.5million dollars from a relative bearing
        your Surname.
        3. You are the Beneficiary of a Charity Award from Joe Blow
        who won the $149Million Dollar Power Ball Jackpot and want
        to help 10 people.
        4. Publisher’s Clearing House. [Don’t believe me] Private me and
        I’ll be glad to show you about these Scum Bags.

  • I had a really witty comment to contribute to this discussion, but when I typed it out I realized just how vulgar and inappropriate it was. Suffice to say that these idiots cause my blood to boil because the fact is, there are vulnerable people that will fall for this kind of stuff and lose what little they have in the process.

    Hotmail accounts are still available, and I'm tempted to set up an account for to reply to these slime balls and take steps to make sure that the fingers they use to create these traps don't function properly any more.

    Whew! Thanks for letting me vent on this. Just for background, my elderly father has been taken for thousands of dollars in schemes like this. Sadly, nothing I said or did got him to change his behavior. It was only after he moved into a nursing home and they started screening his mail that the bleeding stopped.

    • I am so sorry to hear about your father. People who send out these emails
      are trolling for people who are desperate and/or who are trusting and some
      of them look so real it's very hard to tell. From my stats I see a lot of
      people coming from Google to this page because they are checking to see if
      they won so hopefully they are searching before giving any information away.
      People who send these emails out should be shot and pissed on in my book.
      They are despicable.

    • Joshua Brown

      “I had a really witty comment to contribute to this discussion, but when I typed it out I realized just how vulgar and inappropriate it was. Suffice to say that these idiots cause my blood to boil because the fact is, there are vulnerable people that will fall for this kind of stuff and lose what little they have in the process.”
      Yeah, like 3/4th’s of the people commenting here.  “Congrats!” say a few.  Did these people read the article?  One can imagine how quickly these same people would hand over their SSN, birth certificate, and bank acct. numbers to

  • Drfaustroll

    Beats the fuck out of a Pulitzer or Nobel in my book.

    You related to this redhead Terri Moulton Horman lives down the road? I never met a redhead I didn't consider a real hooter.

  • Nlurvj


  • Sherryblack1958

    so have you got your money yet????? “I just dont beleive anyone ever really wins this.

  • Phable99

    Please send luck soon 33*35’57″N,112*7’39″W Thank you.

    • Mark Camacho

      Why would you place your coördinates on a general forum? It’s like saying “I live off blah blah blah Columbine Dr…” You may want to reconsider doing this in the future. …And don’t pass on chain e-mail letters, it just gives out your friend’s e-mail addresses to spammers.

  • di

    You won, and your point!!! Millionaire don’t even have conversations as you do. Lime Light has clicked off.
    Go on vacation, pay your bill’s, be grateful! The universe gave you this gift!!

    • Joshua Brown

      Are people as stupid as this?

    • Mlbbostick

      I would love to win and I di promise to be good!!

  • Mccheryll

    pch NEVER notifies winners by email!

  • larry obrien

    Thanks I hope i win some money Larry O’Brien

  • Marilynh89

    How do I (Marilyn Joan Hadey) claim the $5 Dollar Bill I just won from the PCH Sweepstakes? http:/ ClaimCode: SWPB39ZZE59YXEP Can you help me


    • Mlbbostick

      This is so inspiring that any of us would say!!!

  • Marcia Green

    I have been entering since 1982, haven’t given up yet!!

  • Rgiraldez

    have been quite a number of these “win for life” sweepstake winners
    that have died unexpectedly within a couple of years of winning. There
    is a reason that you won’t see an ad for PCH showing a reunion of all of
    the past “win for life” winners. They only will run the moment that
    someone wins which is all of that they need for promotional purposes. It
    doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you save quite a bit of money
    if something happens and the winners are not around to keep receiving
    the $5K a week/$260K a year.


    charles Hammond in morrilton is asking who won the  money   i hope i did.501-977-1605
    thank you very much my God bless you.

    • TommyBoy42954

      Hey Buddy; you shouldn’t post your phone umber on these sites.
      You leave yourself open to getting calls from all kinds of Screwballs
      and cranks. Just looking out for another Human Being. Don’t want
      to see you get hurt. Take care. May God Bless You as well.

  • piggery

    i been in this sweepstakes for 15 years and going on 16 but none i dont no if i will win anything i wish i could i have a lot of bills and they say i won this but none i dont

    • piggery

      that is a lie you didnt win anything from pch

  • Lindasalazar

    I hope i win!

  • yea right, and i just saw Elvis, Bigfoot and Jackie O in the same room. 

  • Pablocruz18

    so, redheadranting (jennifer brown), did you REALLY win the pch sweeps, or are you just kidding?

  • joe

    I have the weirdest feeling every single comment on here is being sarcastic. But, you know. Shit’s hard to tell over the internet.

  • JessBK

    I don’t need to be a millionaire. But I do need $2600 to pay for rent for the next 2 months. I’m single and my baby’s due March 29th but I’m carrying ahead. Awesome. Just my luck…

  • charlituna

    who needs “lottery” and “PCH” – we got OBAMACARE… that ought to realllly take care of our ‘needs.’

  • Sharon Carlton

    I don’t believe it! I’ve been entering PCH sweepstakes since 1978 & have not won yet!! A sham!!

  • TOM

    Earthlings so funny !

  • Steven Rench

    Brahm, i believe you man. Count me in, when do we leave? I will work for nothing!!! I just want in. you got my mail box.

  • drummaboy

    Does anyone actually believe this?!!!? PCH is the biggest scam of all!!! You DO know that the ranting redhead is an employee of and shill for PCH.

  • TommyBoy42954

    Are you kidding; I receive 8 – 10 1 “Long Lost Relative letters from So. Africa” every day. I gave not 1 but for folders in my Hotmail sidebar labeled “Special BS Mail 1,2,3, and 4 totaling 3.5 gigabytes of memory. The largest scam amount was $49,000,000.00. AS for Publisher’s Clearing House, you don’t want me to tell you what I think of those S.O.B’s I’m 60 and have been playing their stupid games since my first mailer in 1975. That’s right folks 39years and I have won “ZERO”. I’m done. That will be about 1.5 gigabytes of freed up space on my computer. The games they have like the Slots and Casino Game, The Black Jack Game, and the Bingo Game. What a BS Joke. Several time the wheel hit $1,000.00 then jumped to the #1 which is a ” One $2,500.00 Sweepstakes Entry Chance”. In fact I have 3 months worth of pictures to prove you never win those games. Even in the Real Casinos, at some point you win something on the Slot machines. “Sorry this Scratch Card is not a winner” They can take their Tokens and put them where the sun doesn’t shine. As for you winning, Congratulations but don’t sit there and try to sell people that Crock about the Claims Department Crew being regular Hotmail Account users. I Don’t Buy It For One Minute.



  • jonyramoz

    I hope one day they knock on my door I dream of it as akid and stiil believe in it. I have brothers and sisters who where taking away by cps as a kid I would usa the money to build a giant house so my family live in it and be reunited again if my I can find them also I wpuld help all other children who grew up like me and make theredreams come true .. wish me luck I say I been through enough in life I think I deserve a break from the evil and torture if seen and been through . I have faith 🙂

  • Gregory J Hart

    I would love to win the PCH to better my self and help other better there life as well.

  • Robin

    Congrats to all of the winners! I hope that I win too cause it will be the best birthday gift ever! My family and friends would be very surprised. Everyone tat I have spoken to about P. C. H. thinks that it’s fake, but I will keep trying. Good luck to all that play!


    Hey,Red….guess who sent them your way…the least liked person you would ever expect….Works donut…enjoy•!!!!!☺

  • Victoria Lynn Howard

    there is so many scams out there. Trying to prey on us Americans. Best for all having problems were either unemployed. Disabled and many problems can’t afford your medicine. Leave us alone

  • Why not Me

    Funny, I thought I won a Million dollars, I really thought I would win the Ten Thousand Dollars a week for life but I am promised and Promised and I do everything they ask of me but nope, still never get a check, no Balloons no party truck, nope nadda nttin

  • mitzi

    If you wanted to dispose of a “loved one” just tell him/her they won One Mill from pch for life// See how long they live. HA HAHAHAHA

  • t. griffin

    i hit three one hundred thousand dollar cards in the pocket full of presidents game,, it says if you hit the money you get it, just a scam, never heard anything from them

  • Pauline Mcpherson-thomas


  • Christy

    I spend so much time trying to win something, at least ten bucks, but I NEVER win anything, it’s so frustrating. I may stop playing, so tired of being misled by PCH.

  • why!!!

    I have written down some of the games I have won, and nothing from PCH!

  • Richard

    Since you are a millionaire, send me a charitable donation. Then you will have an extra right-off for taxes.

  • yes i want to win

  • Shaun

    I’m never going to ever win!! This is all a big fucking joke!! And till the day I win I will keep posting and hire me a lawyer!! Because they been saying that I won!! Witch is fucking bullshit so fuck you pch!!!

  • Mosaic Fusion


  • Karen

    Well God Bless you, I guess i no longer must search & pray that it was me that won. ENJOY your gift. Sure am gald this was not a scam. I have been doing this for years. Again God Bless you.

  • Annabel Russia

    Did the winning email really include an everyday spelling error?! That’s funny! So casual….


    hi my email address and identification has it is for me to be a winner I need to send a confirmation account kevin Strickland password is opensesame username is stricklandD home address is 747 paisley road west suite #315 Guelph Ontario n1k-0a2 phone number is (519) 763-0178 I am a male human being I am Canadian born December 28 1962 Hamilton GENERAL HENDERSON



  • angela buckley

    Mine is even better… I’ve been entering since 1984 and I have won 2 money prizes equaling $20. WOW! I have bought so much of their crappy garbage from China that arrives broken or breaks after a couple of uses. I will not purchase anything else from them. Unless I win the $5000 a week for life.

  • Angel Shelby

    Well I’ve gotten notice,but people of my city that has knowledge is trying to keep them doors shut on me,but God be my judge!