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EZ Stax Review

March 2, 2017
EZ Stax Review

A few weeks ago I saw a video on Facebook for EZ Stax. Immediately used my clout as a blogger to get a sample so I could write this EZ Stax Review. EZ Stax are a set of thin plastic interlocking dividers that work perfectly for clothing, papers, basically anything that is reasonably flat and relatively thin. You could use them for crafting if you do a lot of scrap booking. Do people still do scrap booking? 

Anyway, I got them so I could organize my daughter’s dresser. Watch the video below to see how easy they are to use.

They are easy to use. They are also made out of recycled plastics, which is nice.

They are lightweight, easy to use and sadly, too big for any of the dressers in my home. At least to put in the right way. I had to put them in sideways, which wasted a lot of space in the drawer. This is not the fault of EZ Stax, I just happen to have all antique furniture from the turn of the century, the 1800s not the 1900s. I’m sure if I had something from Ikea it would fit beautifully. 

EZ Stax Review

Still, I was able to organize my daughter’s drawer full of t-shirts. She can remove a t-shirt from the middle of the stack and not disrupt the rest of the t-shirts. Theoretically, she could put one back in the middle of the stack, that just hasn’t happened yet.

Look, two weeks later, the drawer still looks great!

I highly recommend EZ Stax, just measure before you purchase to make sure they’ll fit in your dresser. 

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  • Reply Claudia Gray January 11, 2018 at 11:19 am

    I’m surprised you liked them. I bought them as well. They were super thin, even broke just from putting anything remotely heavier than a t-shirt on them. They are super thin, and do not stack well. They even look cheap! Every time I tried to pull out a shirt, the rest came with it. I was sorely disappointed, as I also had really been looking forward to using them.

    • Reply Jen January 11, 2018 at 5:09 pm

      I wouldn’t have used them for anything heavier than a t-shirt. I used them in my daughter’s dresser and her shirts are tiny. That said, my biggest disappointment was that they did not fit in my older furniture the right way. I don’t know when I reviewed them, but they are still being used and still intact. Maybe you got a bad set? Have you contacted the makers?

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