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Redhead Ranting is the rantings of a frazzled, twice divorced mother of two who freelances and cares for two stupid dogs while writing her memoir against incredible and unbelievable odds (but will make a wonderful book one day).

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MINNESOTA NICE is a humorous and heartbreaking memoir about coming of age in the 1980’s. Raised by a closeted gay father and mentally and physically handicapped mother Jennifer does her best to navigate the changing times.

Mall of America Threatened by Terrorist Group Al-Shabab

Posted by on Feb 22, 2015 | 4 comments

The Mall of America was officially threatened by Somali terrorist group Al-Shabab. I’m not surprised by this and I doubt Homeland Security is either. I have to assume the MOA has had a large target on it since 9/11, if not before. It epitomizes everything about western culture that groups like Al-Shabab despise. In the winter I am a mall walker. I usually go to the Mall of America before the shops open to walk around each level of the Bloomington, MN mall, which ends up being a couple of miles. Yesterday I stopped by the mall later in the afternoon thinking it would be less crowded. I...

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How to Incorporate Fifty Shades of Grey into Your Sex Life

Posted by on Feb 18, 2015 | 0 comments

If you’re among the hundreds of millions who have seen or read Fifty Shades of Grey, you’re probably left with one burning question: how do I get my sex life to look more like that? As Elite Daily reports, those living in NYC or LA can put their name on a (very long, we’re sure) list for a one-of-a-kind sexual experience straight out of the mind of E.L. James. But if you aren’t willing to shell out thousands of dollars (or wait who knows how many months) in order to partake in the exclusive Mr. Grey experience, there’s hope for you yet. Here are a few simple, and inexpensive, ways to...

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Rock This Boat with the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) on POP – Tonight at 7pm Central

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 | 0 comments

OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I get to love blog, or live tweet as the case may be, tonight’s back to back episodes of Rock this Boat on POPtv. I was chosen to be an influencer for the show which means swag!!! I was supposed to start this gig last week but only found out about it at the last minute and I had already promised the daughter I’d do something with her. I can’t remember it now, however. She doesn’t have a clue who the NKOTB are because she’s only 12 but she knows her mom does a lot of silly stuff. Truth be told I am a bit old to be a super fan of The New Kids On...

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I Can’t Jump on the Pile On Brian Williams Band Wagon

Posted by on Feb 9, 2015 | 1 comment

As a blogger the last week (hell, the last 48 hours) has been filled with great topics to discuss. There’s the burning of the Jordanian pilot, Obama’s interesting remarks at the prayer breakfast, Kanye West and Beck (not to mention Prince’s glorious afro) and of course Brian Williams. We won’t be talking about Brian William’s daughter getting her ass eaten out here so if you’re looking for that go Google it. Everyone is having fainting spells because Brian Williams lied. Brain has been telling a story for years that he was in a helicopter in Iraq when it...

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