And They Called It Puppy Love

I refuse to talk about Tiger Woods, the Masters or his cheating. I will say this however, the editors of Vanity Fair should be ashamed of themselves. I know they want to sell magazines, something few of us buy anymore, but don't they even for a minute, consider Tiger Woods' wife Elin or their children? I think not. Moving on. Do you know who this

And They Called It Puppy Love2010-04-05T10:44:36-05:00

I Slept with Tiger

The cat is out of the bag. Since everyone else is telling their tales about their transgression with Tiger, I thought I should share mine. It was not too long ago and I had just recently taken up golf because I heard it could be really relaxing. I found I had a thing for golfers. I couldn't resist them, they were hot. Not only are

I Slept with Tiger2009-12-08T10:53:58-06:00

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