Beyoncé and Red Lobster

Evidently, Beyoncé has single handedly* increased sales at Red Lobster because of her new song Formation. Apparently, when he fuck her good, she takes his ass to Red Lobster. No shit, those are the lyrics to her newest song (anthem, really) that she performed (I think) during the Super Bowl half time show this past weekend. I'm not really sure if she performed it because

Beyoncé and Red Lobster2016-02-09T19:52:54-06:00

Adrian Peterson, The Vikings and The Switch

Several weeks ago I announced that I was going to be a better Vikings fan. After years of being nothing but a fair weather fan somewhat begrudgingly I decided to step up and do my part. This is in no small part because of my friend Stella's role in helping the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl last year. She and apparently everyone in the

Adrian Peterson, The Vikings and The Switch2014-09-17T13:54:58-05:00

Bloggers Have to Demand Their Full Value and Stop Giving Away their Writing For Free

Yesterday, AOL purchased The Huffington Post for $315,000,000., this was big news all over the internet. Apparently the deal was signed at the Super Bowl. I don't read the Huffington Post often because I don't care for the reporting or the petty tone of their articles and I especially don't like all the name calling going on in the comment sections. I understand

Bloggers Have to Demand Their Full Value and Stop Giving Away their Writing For Free2011-02-07T19:25:17-06:00

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