To Kanoodle or Not To Kanoodle, That Was The Question

Image by Juampe López via Flickr The first date actually happened! It almost didn't, and some of us think it shouldn't have happened, but it did. After months of commenting back and forth, emails and phone conversations James and I finally met in person. I think it's safe to say that after all this time and going public, no one was going to cancel. But

To Kanoodle or Not To Kanoodle, That Was The Question2010-07-06T09:34:33-05:00

I Slept with Tiger

The cat is out of the bag. Since everyone else is telling their tales about their transgression with Tiger, I thought I should share mine. It was not too long ago and I had just recently taken up golf because I heard it could be really relaxing. I found I had a thing for golfers. I couldn't resist them, they were hot. Not only are

I Slept with Tiger2009-12-08T10:53:58-06:00

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