At the End of My Rope

I'm at the end of my rope! My dad used to say that all the time. So much that it lost its meaning over time even if he had good reason to be hanging on to that rope's end. Now I am at the end of the my rope. Nothing has happened to put me there, just life. I'm tired, so tired. Midlife Crisis?  

At the End of My Rope2015-07-13T15:15:55-05:00

Things I used to enjoy but now can’t stand

Folding the laundry, especially socks. Cooking dinner. Making my bed. I used to love folding the laundry especially in the winter time. I felt as if I accomplished something big by sorting, folding, and putting away the clothes. Now it’s just a huge pain. Socks are the worst. My son has feet that are really just big canoe paddles and he wears his socks outside,

Things I used to enjoy but now can’t stand2008-07-23T14:39:00-05:00

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Redhead Ranting is the rantings of a frazzled, twice divorced mother of two who freelances and cares for two stupid dogs while writing her memoir against incredible and unbelievable odds (but will make a wonderful book one day).

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