What I Learned on My Facebook Vacation

Recently I took a little break from social media, and this is what I learned on my Facebook Vacation. I needed a break from social media, but mostly I needed to get off of Facebook. Facebook is where I do most of my socializing.  Don't judge, you probably do too, or maybe you're fond of Pinterest, or you hang out with the folks on Instagram.

What I Learned on My Facebook Vacation2017-02-02T21:33:10-06:00

What’s Happening to Our Nation?

If you're like me, you're probably wondering what's happening to our nation? Yesterday, following the killing of Philando Castile, I was moved to go to the protest at the Governor's mansion in St. Paul. I've wanted to write about this issue for a long time, but have never known what to say. Witnessing the peaceful protest at the Governor's mansion didn't help me much. For

What’s Happening to Our Nation?2016-07-08T09:03:57-05:00

Dr. Laura and the N Word

Image via Wikipedia The internet and the cable news channels have been all aflutter over the apparent racist rant of talk show radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger. In a nutshell Dr. Laura had a caller on her show who was offended that her husband's friends used the N word around her. The caller is black and her husband is white. You can listen to the

Dr. Laura and the N Word2010-08-13T12:48:55-05:00

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