Hillary Clinton is Not a Badass

Since it was divulged that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia, social media has lit up with memes about Hillary Clinton's super human stamina. Hillary Clinton is not a badass, Hillary Clinton is just like every other woman on this planet who ignores her own health. And it's a stupid thing to do. This isn't a political post, I don't care for Hillary Clinton's policies or much

Hillary Clinton is Not a Badass2016-09-12T11:14:29-05:00

Election 2008

Like the Super Bowl, this election is a nail biter. I tried to follow all of the numbers being posted late into the night and decided to wait until the morning to see if the talking heads had made any definitive sense out of the whole thing. On the dems side it looks like its still anyone's game. McCain looks to be the likely nominee

Election 20082008-02-06T13:15:00-06:00

Super Duper Tuesday

When did we start calling Super Tuesday "Super Duper Tuesday"? What four year old thought this up? Are the candidates going to start calling each other "poopy heads" and accuse them of giving each other cooties?

Super Duper Tuesday2008-01-31T13:58:00-06:00

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