Beyoncé and Red Lobster

Evidently, Beyoncé has single handedly* increased sales at Red Lobster because of her new song Formation. Apparently, when he fuck her good, she takes his ass to Red Lobster. No shit, those are the lyrics to her newest song (anthem, really) that she performed (I think) during the Super Bowl half time show this past weekend. I'm not really sure if she performed it because

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Why won’t they leave?

I am fascinated by hurricane Gustav and the people of New Orleans and the LA Coast. Why won't these people leave? I know the majority of them have left but there shouldn't be anyone left in that region. Why on earth would you want to ride something like this out? It must be purely for bragging rights which seems really stupid to risk your life

Why won’t they leave?2008-09-01T08:00:00-05:00

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