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OMG I haven't even finished this book and I had to stop and tell you to go and buy this book now!  Buy This Book Now! Seriously, go now, I'll wait. Wait, if you buy it now you won't come back. Wait a minute. Buy it after reading this which is only going to be a few more paragraphs because honestly, I want to get

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What a Difference a Coat of Paint Makes!

I painted my office this weekend and OMG -- what a difference a coat of paint makes! I didn't have plans to paint my office this weekend, but I've been listening to You Are a Badass this past week and it seemed like the thing to do. Wondering how a coat of paint makes you a badass? It doesn't really, but when you hate your

What a Difference a Coat of Paint Makes!2016-10-17T14:51:49-05:00

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