Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Too Hard on the Wallet

You wouldn't buy your mom a kitchen appliance for Mother's Day, right? So don't give your dad a mundane gift for Father's Day this year. Anyone who’s ever seen the movie ‘A Christmas Story” remembers the look of mock joy on the father’s face when he opens a gift to find a tub of car wax. “A can of Simoniz,” he says, flashing a frozen

Father’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Too Hard on the Wallet2013-06-06T10:03:40-05:00

Tanks of Thanks from Cenex

Cenex, one of those big bad oil companies, is giving away tanks of gas to people who give back to their own community. Tanks of Thanks is a program to give something back to the people who go out of their way to give something back to their community. (Nominate me, nominate me!!!) If you know someone who deserves a little recognition, and some free

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I’m Having a Giveaway Sponsored by Straight North for a $50 Gift Card!

That's right, I'm having a giveaway sponsored by the folks from Straight North. Straight North is a Chicago marketing company that is so much more than a company. Mitt was right when he said that corporations were people, at least that's the case with Straight North. Straight North provides B2B Internet marketing, SEO, PPC,  and social media solutions for business. Straight North is offering a $50 gift card

I’m Having a Giveaway Sponsored by Straight North for a $50 Gift Card!2012-03-01T11:44:04-06:00

Top Five Best Father’s Day Gifts…Ever.

Image via Wikipedia Last month I wrote a post about the worst Mother's Day gifts ever. I thought it only fair that I do the same thing with Father's Day but after talking to a few dads I realized I couldn't come up with five bad Father's Day gifts. It would seem that dads are happy with just about any gift you give them. They

Top Five Best Father’s Day Gifts…Ever.2010-06-16T08:46:31-05:00

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