Rue McClanahan has Died

Image via Wikipedia There is only one Golden Girl left. Betty White is the only surviving Golden Girl after the death this morning of Rue McClanahan who died from a stroke at 1am. Rue played Blanche Devereaux on the groundbreaking series The Golden Girls from 1985 to 1992. Blanche was the over sexed one of the group. The Golden Girls was one of my favorite

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Abby Annette

Today would have been my daughter's 18th birthday.  Not the little one who keeps me on my toes, but my first born daughter, Abby Annette. I was going to write a post like this last year, but my son totaled my car four hours after getting his drivers license and I ended up posting about that. You can read it here if you want. Abby

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H1N1 or Strep

I have a sick child home today.  She was sick yesterday too and from everything I can tell she will be home the rest of the week. My kid has H1N1. Or maybe it's strep throat. No one seems to know and they don't really want to find out. My daughter has a fever, 102 the last time I checked, and with Tylenol or Motrin

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25 things about me

I have been tagged with this one many times so here it is for your enjoyment. I won't tag anyone with it but please feel free to do it yourself and let me know when you do. I have two fantastic kids. They drive me up the wall most of the time but they are good kids and I am extremely proud of who they

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