How to Fit in When Visiting the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl

If you're wondering how to fit in when visiting the Twin Cities for the Super Bowl, I'll save you all kinds of time. You can't. Sure, you can dress warmly (though that is the first clue you aren't from here), and you can even adopt a quasi Fargo accent, you still won't fit in. Hell, I was born here and have lived here for most

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Cold Enough For You?

"Cold enough for you?" That's the question Minnesotans greet each other with. It's a rhetorical question but one we start using when the temperature dips below freezing for the first time in the fall. Come summer in August we'll ask if it's hot enough too but we don't use that phrase for very long. It's cold here in Minnesota. As I type this it's -6°.

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Annual Bitch about the Cold Post

It is too damn cold outside. It is also too damn cold inside. I can't turn the heat on enough to make it feel warm in my house. The air temperature might say 68 degrees but without any moisture in the air it still feels really cold. For the past several days I wake up and my whole body is sore. It's sore because I

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Global Warming

It was 22 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. According to the local weather man who has been hiding in fear of being tarred and feathered it was 85 degrees Fahrenheit on this date last year.

Global Warming2008-04-29T11:00:00-05:00

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