My daughter kept repeating the word danger as she looked out the window over our back yard. Someone had left the gate only part way hitched. Daughter is deathly afraid that her beloved Stanley will get out so I’m not surprised she had noticed this.

I figured when we took the tire off the truck and rolled it to the front to put in the other truck to get a replacement that someone had forgotten to latch the gate. I went outside to remedy the situation so she would stop shouting DANGER.

When I got outside I noticed a few kids walking through the alley. Nice looking kids, young women actually, looking around. And then suddenly there were at least twenty of these kids entering the backyards of all my neighbors. Had it been cloudy out I would have thought someone was filming a zombie movie or that I was actually having a zombie invasion. It was a little odd to say the least.

No one said anything to me they just walked in a line through the backyards and out through the front yards and continued on across the street. WTF?

I cornered my son’s friend who was playing basketball in the alley and asked him what was going on.

Yesterday morning a student from the University of St. Thomas went missing and they were all searching for him. You can read the story here.

The kid was near the Mississippi river which isn’t too far from my house. Sadly this is not the first time a student has left a party drunk and ended up in the river. Hopefully they will find him though I doubt it will be in anyone’s backyard. Certainly not in my neighborhood where everyone has a dog or two. If that had been the case he would have been found by now.

I’m not making fun of the missing student or the search that is going on as I type this. I do think they are looking in the wrong area but what do I know? I hope they find him.